Why NOT a dachshund?

why not a dachshund

Dachshunds are a wonderful breed but they are not for every household.

Dachshunds are intelligent, loving, and are extremely loyal to their families, but they are not for everyone!

They are just as happy playing and being taken for a walk or car ride, which they love, as they are cuddled up to you on the sofa.  Some dachshunds have been described by their owners as couch potatoes, but it is important that they are excercised regularly to keep their weight down and also to prevent boredom and destructiveness.

They have been described as stubborn and hard to housetrain.  They are not hard to housetrain with the right training, but it can be said that this breed don’t like to get wet, and there is certainly a consensus of opinion that when it rains they will not willingly go out in the garden to answer calls of nature.  Dachshunds will also let you know their displeasure at something you’ve done and many an owner has come home to find a puddle or more in the house so you know they’re not happy with you.

Dachshunds are extremely sociable dogs and are not suitable for being left alone all day.  They want to be with you and your family as much as possible and also like to be on your lap or having cuddles on the couch, so if you want a dog for the backyard a dachshund is not for you.

A dachshund can be suitable for families with young children, but they are small dogs and children should be taught how to behave around them.  Bear in mind that injuries to dachshunds can occur by young children either picking them up incorrectly, falling on them or dropping them and it is extremely important that children are taught how to correctly lift a dachshund so they do not endanger the dachshund’s back.  If you have a toddler who likes to pull themselves up on a dachshund or rush around after them, pulling their tail, then they may not be the correct breed for you. To see how threatening life can be for a dachshund, lie down on the floor and see the world from their perspective

Not all dachshunds like big dogs and they have no idea of their size in relation to other dogs.  They will happily take on a bigger dog to protect you or their territory, sometimes with tragic consequences.  It is important to socialise your dachshund, especially when they’re puppies, with other people and dogs.  Socialisation is one of the best gifts you can give them.

Dachshunds have a mind of their own, can be stubborn, obstinate, manipulative, have selective hearing and if you let them, will rule the household.  It is important that you are consistent with their training following the three (P’s), Persistence, Praise and Patience.  Training, or lack of, will influence their disposition in later life.

Dachshunds will bark and are territorial.  If a stranger comes to the door they’ll bark, if the doorbell rings they’ll bark,  if they can see someone walking past their house, they’ll bark, a bird flying into the garden, they’ll bark. Whatever they can see belongs to them.  Not all dachshunds display this behaviour but you need to be aware.

Dachshunds were originally bred to hunt badgers and some of them can have high prey drives, meaning the chooks will not be safe!   You may think your dachshund has excellent recall off leash but if they see something interesting they will be off in a second following their instincts and will not come back until they’re ready.  This often leads to tragic consequences.   Dachshunds are better off being walked on the leash, especially in areas where there are cars as they do not have any road sense.

Dachshunds also love to burrow and tunnel under bed covers.  If you’re adamant that your new family member is not going to be sharing your bed, then make sure you give them a bed where they can do exactly that.

Dachshunds are not a pushover but they believe you are!  They need a firm hand, consistent training and you need to be able to resist those eyes, especially where food is concerned. Training should never be harsh as dachshunds respond to rewards for good behavior.  Rewards don’t always have to be food, they also respond to praise and cuddles. Dachshunds need to know that you’re in charge and are the pack leader, or they can very quickly assume the position themselves.

Owning a dachshund is one of the best experiences in life, they are full of character, love, devotion and loyalty and once you’ve been owned by a dachshund there will never be another breed for you.

The above is not necessarily relevant to all dachshunds, but is a generalisation of the breed.

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