Thinking about buying a dachshund puppy? Please read this FIRST!

Looking for a puppy can be a confusing issue and below is some information to help you look in the right places and to differentiate between reputable breeders and others.  Check out your local Dachshund Club for a list of registered breeders.


A registered breeder will breed for the betterment of the breed striving to produce dachshunds that meet the breed standard. They are members of an organized governing body that supervises their activities with strict rules and regulations. They study pedigrees, genetics and soundness of the breed keeping accounts of the history and pedigree of their dogs so that defects can be readily traced and eliminated from the gene pool. They will regularly attend dog shows and subject their dogs to the scrutiny of experienced judges. Registered breeders have waiting lists for their puppies and will rarely sell over the internet and never to pet shops, they are also very happy for you to visit them, view the parents and freely offer advice on housetraining, socialisation and behaviour and chat in depth about the breed. Their reputation sells their puppies for them and they are the custodians of the breed. Their puppies will be microchipped, regularly wormed and up to date with their vaccinations. However as in all associations there are good and bad, the same way there are good vet and bad vets. We recommend you do your research.  Contact the dachshund club in your State and discuss with them any questions and a list of registered breeders.


This falls into two categories – the owner of a pet dachshund who has not had their dog desexed and “accidentally” finds the dachshund mated and pregnant, or who actively seeks another dachshund to mate with their dachshund. The problem with this type of mating is rarely do they know what they’re doing with regard to testing for genetic problems common in the breed and nor are the dachshunds mated necessarily a good example of the breed. They think they own a purebred dachshund so their pups will be purebred. The problem with this practice is they don’t research the genetics or pedigree and they are not aware of any culprits hiding in the gene pool. It will be something of a gamble as to how the pups will turn out. Although it could be argued that back in the day everyone was having litters at home, but at what risk?   Now that so much more has been done with genetics and testing for PRA cord 1 blindness, there is no excuse for not keeping up with research.

The other backyard breeder is one who breeds for profit and you will regularly find their adverts in gumtree or the trading post. Their dogs do not necessarily receive good care, either veterinary or welfare. They are unlikely to have any track record of show or breeding success and quite likely have no knowledge about the breed standard. A dachshund is a dachshund and it’s about the dollars.


This is an intensive breeding establishment that generally completely fails to meet any social, behavioural or veterinary needs of their dogs. They are quite often kept in cages and the bitches are continually bred with and absolutely no regard to their health or welfare. Puppies are sold over the internet and via the internet as they invariably have great looking websites.


Buyer Beware.  There are many stories about puppies on Gumtree and we are regularly contacted by members of the public about their own story with regards to buying a puppy from this source.  A synopsis from one such member of the public is below.

We found a mini dachshund puppy being advertised by a “breeder” on Gumtree.  Although the puppy was advertised as $500, on ringing the lady it transpired the full price was $1200.  The first warning bell should have been that she was insisting that full payment be made up front without seeing either the puppy or having an address where this puppy was located and further the bank details did not match the name of the breeder. On the scheduled day of collection, the pick up point was changed twice.   However, the meeting did go ahead and the family drove home with her.  However the puppy was extremely quiet and lethargic and when they got her home and put her on the grass she was stumbling and staggering.   She was then taken straight to their vet who gave her extensive tests and she was given pain relief/anti inflammatories in the hope that the symptoms might have been less sinister than the vet thought.  The parents and children were sent home without her as their vet did not want them forming any further attachments to this little puppy.  Whilst hoping for a miracle overnight, it was not to be and she was sadly put to sleep.  Contact with the breeder has proved futile.

As this mother says she is enraged that this breeder could knowingly keep and then sell such a sick puppy which was also in incredible pain.  The children are devastated and their bank account in the space of 24 hours reached over $2000.  The breeder continues to sell her puppies on Gumtree.


As dachshunds become popular once again the demand for “pretty colours” introduces some irreponsible breeding to satisfy demand.  Please take the time to read the article on the link below about the double dapple and the problems you could perhaps encounter during their lives.


Please consider this before you do!