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South Australian Dachshunds – Sunday 9th October, 2016 9.30am

south australia

Calling South Australian dachshunds who would like to take part in a unique creative opportunity with Internationally recognised artist, Andrew Baines. It will feature 300 people in suits walking 300 dachshunds (and other short legged dogs) on leads. So we need a lot of sharing here to get this number! He has held a similar installation before, but on a smaller scale – see image.
The event will take place on Henley Beach in S.A.on October 9th, 9.30am
If you want to participate please email andrewartistbaines@hotmail.com
Be prepared to become a part of DOGGY HISTORY!

Central Queensland Dachshunds

We have our first mini meet for the year on Sunday 17th January 2016 @ Centenary Park, Emerald QLD from 4pm



TECKELRENNEN 2015 – INAUGURAL DACHSHUND RACE – Southgate, Victoria.  Saturday 19th September, 2015. THE RUNNING OF THE WIENERS!

This event was fantastic success which attracted worldwide media attention and donations! Thanks so much to the event organisers Katrina from HOPHAUS and Naomi My Dachshund Online and our volunteer team Carol, Christina, Gab Leanne, Peter, Rhonda, Ruth, Sean and Sherrie.

Many thanks also to everyone who attended the event and shared on their social networks.

Scott Barbour Getty Images

Scott Barbour Getty Images 9

Scott Barbour Getty Images 12
Photographs courtesy of www.buzzfeed.com –  Scott Barbour, Getty Images


Teckelrennen 2015 - Credit Carol Young (8)

Teckelrennen 2015 - Credit Carol Young (6)

Teckelrennen 2015 - Credit Carol Young (4)

Teckelrennen 2015 - Credit Carol Young (9)

Photographs courtesy of Carol Young