If you have a disabled dachshund that you need help with, wherever you are in Australia, we can highly recommend Lisa-Jayne and her animal sanctuary.




Dachshund Club of NSW

Dachshund Club of Qld

Dachshund Club of Victoria

Dachshund Club of W.A.

The National Dachshund Council

Life with a Double Dapple Dachshund and other related information on double dapples

Dodgers List – for all information on dachshund back problems

Dachshund IVDD support Australia

Dachshund Sitting Group

This group is if you need a sitter for your beloved furkids. All members of the group are required to return the sitting favours at least once. Your yard must be secure. All sitting is between the person offering to sit and the person requesting the sit…i.e. it is your responsibility as to the suitability of the accommodation, dogs getting along etc.  If you’re not on facebook drop me a line if you’d like some details

Canine Cancer Org.

canine cancer

A website dedicated to the education of dog owners on canine cancer and supported by Australian oncologists

The Vinca Plant –  Highly toxic to your dog, please check it out.

Clipping Nails

The dreaded nail clipping session!  Starting off early when you first get your puppy will make the process a whole lot easier on you both and just become another part of their regular routine.  This slide show bought to you by Pet Place shows you where and how to clip.

Is the sun dangerous to your pet?

We all know how our dachshunds just love to lie in the sun but you should be aware that the sun can be harmful.  With summer shortly upon us its worth checking out this article, and of course Never leave your dachshunds in the car in summertime.

Fancy a career in Animal Care? Open Colleges is an accredited vocational online training provider based in Sydney where they are partnered with TAFE NSW North Coast Institute.  Animal Care can help build a person dreams by being able to start their own small business or simply get to work with the animals they love