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Theo and Milly – Dachshund X – Sydney

Theo and Milly are 8 year old siblings who will need to be rehomed together.  They are crossed with Jack Russel but definitely look like dachshunds and have all the dachshund traits that we know so well.

Both are extremely affectionate and love to be on the receiving end of endless kisses and cuddles.  Milly loves to bury her head in your lap and Theo just loves to be next to you on the couch.

They haven’t been on too many walks lately but when they do go, they tend to pull on their leads.  They love to spend their time in the garden play wrestling with each other and are always eager to play games with their owners.  Theo is quite the protector likes to keep his family safe.  Milly is more timid and shy.  Two years ago Millie was boarding at the vets when she lost the use of her back leg and had a successful operation and has made an excellent recovery with no signs of pain or deficits.

Theo and Milly are toilet trained but like most dachshunds need to be encouraged to go outside especially if it has been raining.  They are crate trained at night and always sleep next to each other.

Theo and Milly will be best suited to a family with someone home during the day and would prefer to live with older children (12 year plus).

They are up to date with their vaccinations and desexed.  Adoption fee:  $500.

For further details on these beautiful little siblings, please contact ruth@dachshundrescueaustralia.com.au

Doug – 3 year old mini long – Barongarook, Victoria


Doug, who will be turning 4 in April, is looking for a quiet home where there won’t be a lot of visitors.  Whilst he’s a dear little dog and extremely affectionate and cuddly with his owners he’s just terrified of people coming to the house.

He was living with 2 other female dogs who he got on with extremely well with and loved playing hide and seek and chasing each other round.  Both these females were very dominant and Doug has had to show his dominance by weeing in the house.  He has trialled a home as an only dog and there have been no accidents in the house.  However, Doug has to go with another dachshund or small calm dog who isn’t dominant.  He cannot be left on his own without a companion dog.

He is being rehomed as he’s a fearless hunter and was living on a property with chooks and guinea pigs and unfortunately Doug has managed to find his way through to them.  Having said that Doug still needs a country property rather than busy inner city suburb as he wouldn’t cope with all the noise and traffic.  His next requirement is no young children.

Please complete an online adoption form and contact sharman@dachshundrescueaustralia.com.au

Cooper –  Brisbane – on 2 week trial

8 year old Cooper tragically lost his sibling sister a few months ago.  Since then he has been grieving her loss and is a very sad little boy.  We are looking to find Cooper a home where he will once again have the company of another dachshund.  Cooper is an obedient but shy boy with a very calm personality.  He gets on well with other dogs but hates cats and possums.  He is very affectionate and is always ready for cuddles and lap time.  Cooper will need to go to a home where his owners will be home the majority of the day as he cries when left alone.  Adoption fee: $450.  Please fill in an application form and contact ruth@dachshundrescueaustralia.com.au for further information.

Hudson – Adelaide – 2 year old – *ADOPTED*

Hudson is a super confident and very people friendly dachshund, just loves them all!  He will bark at other dogs and has no fear of them but once he knows them after a while he will make friends.  He has spent time living with an older Chihuahua and they have got on very well.

Hudson LOVES water to the extent that if you’re having a bath he wants to jump in too.  He is also used to going on long walks to run off some of his energy and would particularly like to go somewhere where there is a river or water of some kind would be his idea of perfection.

He hasn’t been around toddlers or very young children so primary and up would be better and children who are used to dealing with dachshunds.

He is desexed, vaccinated and microchipped.  Adoption fee $450.

Please complete an online adoption form and contact Sharman – sharman@dachshundrescueaustralia.com.au

Frank – Gold Coast  — Going on a Meet and Greet!

7 year old Frank loves people, other dogs and being a part of all the activities of an active family.  Frank has a beautiful personality and is very sweet natured.  He is very protective of his family and likes to patrol the home to make sure that everything is in order.  He is playful and loves to run but he never runs too far away as he needs to know that you are nearby.  He adores his cuddles and lap time and needs to be inside the home with his favourite people.  He would not be very happy if left alone for long periods so we are looking for a home where someone is around majority of the day.  He is also great with older children who will play with him.  He has responded very well to training whilst in his foster home and is a very happy boy who is eager to please.   Adoption fee: $450

Frankie and Snag – Sydney – going on 2 week trial

These two boys were rehomed by us in 2014 when they were 7 years old.  Unfortunately the family have had a dire change of circumstances and have no option but to find them a new home.

The boys are as thick as thieves with each other and whilst older, show no signs of slowing down and are still very energetic, loving their daily walks and particularly interaction and love from their humans.

Of the two Snags (black and tan, 9 kilos) is the leader and the sensible one and Frankie (red 7 kilos) is the follower and a bit more cheeky!

If you can offer these two a home where they’re going to have company and lots of love, please contact Sharman@dachshundrescueaustralia.com.au

They are desexed, vaccinated and microchipped.