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Milton 10 years old and Molly 8 years old  (approx 6 kilos) – Adelaide – *gone on 2 week trial*

Milton and Molly are an affectionate and easy going pair of dachshunds who are looking for a new home in Adelaide due to a change in family circumstances.

They both love human attention and cuddles and are just a typical pair of dachshunds.  Molly is the boss and more vocal of the two and she will be the one to bark and warn you of any strangers coming onto her territory.  They love their walks with Milton being quite cruisy meeting other dogs and Molly a little more timid and reserved at meeting strange dogs.  She will have a bark at them if they get into her face and would prefer that they ignored her.

They are both great travellers in the car and would ideally like to go to a semi/retired couple who have lots of time and attention to give them both.

They are desexed, vaccinated and microchipped and adoption fee is $550

Please contact Sharman:  sharman@dachshundrescueaustralia.com.au 0412 619266




Sizzle 8 month old m.s. approx. 5.4 kilos. – North of Melbourne ***On a Two Week Trial**

Sizzle is the most gorgeous natured dachshund who really does love nuzzling up to you and having his cuddles.  He also gets on well with other dachshunds and is a very friendly boy.  However, to date his life has been filled with pain due to irresponsible breeding.  As a result of pain in his hips Sizzle has compensated for this by changing his gait in order to walk and his back legs are now slightly hocked.  X-Rays have been done which shows no osteoarthritis at this stage but he is at risk of developing this and degenerative joint disease.  In order to reduce the onset of arthritis in the hips he will need the right supplements and pain management for life.  This has been estimated at a cost of approx. $2-300 per year.

Strengthening exercises are also recommended which can be done from home.   Sizzle loves the water and swimming is a great exercise for him to do.  A country property with pool or lake would be his idea of heaven.

If you feel you can offer this dear little dachshund who has had his fair share of pain in his short life but come through it with flying colours in his nature,