Roxanne now on her third home at the tender age of four.  Since she loves the countryside she’s now got acreage to run around on and a lovely human family who have described her  as a real little trooper.  She also has Saus a dachshund brother to keep her company, although whilst Roxanne loves exploring, Saus would rather hang out with his family.


Charlie has settled in so well with his new parents and is now a much loved new member of the family.  He’s also got a new sister (another rescue) and they play like crazy which is basically 90% of their daily schedules.



Doug the mini long has gone to live in the country where he has made best friends with the bumptious puggle.  These two chase each other around and the beautiful ‘zen’ like Spitz who also lives there, is happy that the puggle now has company so he can go back to his peace and quiet.  The geese, ducks and turkey are all a work in progress with Doug who is learning that he’s not allowed to chase them.



Jack the mini dachshund and his best friend Gus the Schnoodle continue to live their days playing together, running around and being active.  These boys are very lucky to find such a loving new home.   Their busy days end with cuddles before curling up together for bedtime.


Since their adoption, one year old Schnucky and 14 week old Patch have cheered up their new older brother Kasper after he had recently lost his brother.  Schnucky is a quiet boy who gets very excited when he knows he’s going for a walk and Patch is a playful pup who is full of character.  Together these three boys bring joy to the home and follow their owner around everywhere with love and affection

These two boys have adapted to their new home as if they’ve been there forever.  They’re providing a daily dose of hilarity to their new family – trashing the screen door when they first arrived and were settling into their routines – was perhaps not one of their endearing sides.  They have taken it in their stride and there have been no issues and misunderstandings since!

Trevor and Candy, Brisbane

Louie in Perth was surrendered as he’d had an episode of IVDD and his owners felt their home wasn’t the right environment for such a dog.  We put him into foster and shortly thereafter Louie went down again and had to be operated on.  Here he is taking a walk around the park after his op and the best news is his foster mum has now adopted him.  Whilst DRA did pay for his surgery we’d like to thank the Perth Long dogs for having various fundraisers to help repay his costs.

Little Olly was operated on for IVDD and it’s always a traumatic time for dachshunds when their freedom is taken away and they become more clingy to their owners.  Olly was no different and he became more distressed when his dad had to work long hours.  He’s now with a semi retired couple, a dachshund sister who wakes up every morning and gives Olly kisses.  Olly’s playing the cool boy and whilst he’s very happy with Sophie’s kisses, he hasn’t yet reciprocated!

4 year old Belle in Brisbane, came into DRA as she was starting to clash with her older sister, resulting in a terrible fight.  Belle is now happily living as the ‘one and only’ in her new home.  Belle bonded with her mum straight away and at first was not interested in her dad.  After lots of gentle guidance, patience and understanding her dad is now up there with mum as equal favourite

Scout and Gucci’s new owner has described his heart as ‘singing’ since he has adopted this adorable pair.  They have a new sister who has become a special girlfriend of Scout.   The three of them get up to all sorts of adventures and are enjoying their playtime, dinnertime and naptimes together.


Sam and Milo, litter mates and best friends, have found themselves in a fabulous new home with endless cuddles and a large garden to play in.  A trip to the beach confirmed that Sam cannot swim as he capsized soon after  trying to be near his new owners in the water.  After a towelling off, he resumed his composure, seemingly proud of his valour.  Milo watched with interest the whole venture, which pretty much sums up these two beautiful boys.





Sadly Mr. Benjamin Button’s owner passed away and whilst the rest of the family did try to keep him, with large dogs of their own it wasn’t working out and Ben had chunks of his ear missing to prove it.

He met his new parents who clicked immediately and they’ve been inseparable ever since.  He loves his walks, burying under the doona and keeps Mum distracted from her work with his level of cuteness.  He’s a taken a shine to peeing on Dad’s motorbike just in case it gets more attention than him!


Frank, the good looking boy from South Australia can’t wait for his dad to come home from work so that he can grab his trouser legs and help drag him into the house!  Frank’s new dachshund sister Peanut isn’t too sure about his arrival, but she is slowly coming around and the other day she decided to give his face a good wash!  Frank does need to mind his manners around this little lady and he is trying very hard to be a good brother.


Hugo is allowed to stay in his new home because he and the resident dachshund get along so well.  Well done Hugo for behaving so well in your new home.

Dixie, who is only 3, must surely be one of the luckiest little girls that we know.  Her beginnings were not the best and she was adopted by her previous owner heavily pregnant, giving birth to 4 puppies only a few weeks later.  Circumstances change and she was then surrendered to DRA.  Beautiful Dixie is as loyal, obedient and loving as she has always been and happily is now in her forever home where she is adored and doted on by the whole family.


Chester and Anna

Tinker has landed on her paws in such a lovely new home.  Her days are busy and she especially loves to help mum potter around in the garden, keeping her company.  She and her new brother Hugo, who suffers from IVDD and was also recently adopted, fell in love with each other from day one.




These two little sisters, Slinky and Schnitzel had a sad change in family circumstances and had to be rehomed.  In less than a week their new parents have signed these two up for life even though they’re most definitely keeping their parents on their toes when they go looking for mischief in their large garden.

Daisy a very anxious little girl who was on various medications.  She’s now blossomed in her new home and is hardly recognisable as her old self.  Walkies in the day gets her tail wagging with excitement and she can’t wait to get out there and explore the world.  Huge thanks to her new parents for giving her a chance and reaping the rewards.

William in Qld loved his parents but was stressing out spending the day waiting for them to come home.  William is a true gentleman and an awesome little dachshund who now lives in the country with Mum at home during the day and a couple of waterholes on the property where he and his new sister regularly wander down for their evening walks and a dip in the cool waters.

Mimi and Cedric are now with a family and as the children are now at school it was Mum who wanted the day time companionship.  However, this pair has quickly wormed their way into everyone’s hearts.


Olly now has two dachshund brothers and an amazing new home where he has settled in so quickly, it’s like he’s always lived there. He’s brought his new Mum a lot of joy and she is very proud to be called his Mum.



Patty is loving his new home where he has 3 fur siblings for company.  He likes to explore the garden and sleep in the sun.  Soon after his arrival he discovered the toy box and is having a great time playing with all the toys.  He especially loves to fetch the ball, much to the delight of his new owners who’ve never had a dachshund do that before.

Pip and Nelly in Brisbane are with a couple whose dreams have come true at owning a pair of dachshunds.  Whilst their lives have been enriched by the new additions, Pip and Nelly are now true Princesses of their Kingdom and will want for nothing.


Little Frankie is loving life in his new home on 20 acres in Victoria.  As well as having his very own human brother, who he’s now best friends with, he’s also got a border collie who checks on visitors coming and going (from his bed by the fire) and an older dachshund who is a very motherly type – she’ll mother geese, chooks and any other animal that comes along, which includes Frankie whose also learning how to behave around the other animals.


Pumbah is such a friendly dachshund and has settled in well at his new home where he’s now very much part of the family and living indoors having full time company.  One happy dachshund.


2 year old Frieda is now on her fourth and final home.  She has a new brother, Batman, who is another little rescue of ours and these two took to each other straightaway.  Frieda is a little live wire with lots of energy (although you wouldn’t know it from this picture) and can’t believe her good fortune at finally having a permanent home to call her own.  She’s already been to the beach and visited a dam and swims like an otter.  A far more suitable home for Frieda than arriving as a puppy for an 80 year old.


Digger who loves to get involved in unpacking the shopping, re-sorting laundry piles for you or stealing something or other is in a beautiful home where he has taken over their hearts.  Digger’s one problem was whilst being very affectionate to people, will not tolerate other dogs or animals due to something that would have happened when he was a puppy.  Mum and Dad are working hard on these issues because 2 am walks when the streets are quiet does become a little tiring!


Jessie in Melbourne had to look for a new home as she was becoming a nuisance to her neighbours barking in the garden when they were all out for the day.  She’s now living with a family in the country and has 2 dachshund brothers to get into mischief with.  Jessie is very much an indoor dog now and there are no more problems with the barking.  Meantime her family are working at showing Jessie all about toys and games.



13 year old Ruby has gone to a young family who adore this lovely old lady and have another 10 year old senior dachshund.  We can’t believe how lucky Ruby is to have found this home.  She’s already been trick or treating, swimming and is adding a whole lot of dachshund adventures to her retirement.  She’s just beautiful and such a happy dachshund.



Minnie’s dad had to relocate overseas and was very upset at having to find a home for this little one.  She’s gone to family who have had our older rescues before and her training is ongoing as she has two big dachshund siblings to help bring her up with good manners!



The much loved little Frankie in Brisbane had to be rehomed due to a change in family circumstances.  He is now living with a dachshund sister and has decided he’s staying with his new family.  He and Minnie adore each other and can often be found curled up together in bed and  his good walking manners are helping to relax Minnie when she’s out walking meeting other dogs.




Poor Lucy’s elderly parents had to go into a retirement home and Lucy made a road trip from Adelaide to Melbourne to her wonderful new home.  She did arrive in a state of shock, poor babe, but she soon came out of her shell and now follows her new mum around with love in her eyes.  Lucy is particularly social at the dinner table talking to everyone but we’re pleased to report that with a little bit of tough love, she now has a waist line and is much more active.


Max, another little cutie in Perth who ate everything including the lego, is now residing with an older dachshund brother and no children who he can get cross at!  He’s in a beautiful home and will be extremely well cared for and loved.


Darcy who has quite rare fanconi syndrome has been adopted by a family whose Mum was not in the least bit phased by giving him his daily insulin injections and monitoring his daily health. We are so very grateful to the wonderful dachshund people who come forward offering to look after these little guys for their rest of their lives.  Whilst Darcy is a very chilled dachshund around people and other dogs, we left him with his family fitting him up with snow shoes as he was off to experience their country property in the mountains.


Bentley was originally handed into a shelter because his parents were having a baby.  This little man is now living in the country with two other dachshunds and a labrador and has never had life so good.  His older sister is a real hunting dachshund and has been teaching Bentley what the life of a dachshund is really about, which to begin with was a complete shock!  When he’s not busy with all those country smells and rabbits he can be found sleeping his evening away on a very cosy lap with lots of cuddles.


George has discovered a garden with lawns to run around on and sunbake in the garden, that is when he’s not running around with his new dachshund brother.   His new family adore him and he has a choice of beds to sleep in at night and a Mum whose home with the pair of them.  School runs are an exciting part of his day and whilst he’s made great progress he is still a little wary of females but we hope he’ll soon get over his fear of them.


Theodora in Perth is loving being the centre of attention in her new home.  She’s got children to play with, snuggles up in a human bed with one of the sons at night and has her family wrapped around her paws.  She’s learning though that she’s not in fact the boss and her training will continue so she grows up into a well adjusted dachshund.


Winnie and Arnold are living the life with their new backyard being the beach!  They enjoy their daily walks where they can run free to chase seagulls and the waves.  Winnie is a real waterbaby and when she sees something move in the water, she sticks her head in to take a look!  They have a new older sister CoCo who was at first taken aback when they arrived, but they are now playing and sleeping together.  A beautiful seachange for these little soul mates and we couldn’t be happier for them.


pico and nano 4pico and nano 5

Nano and Pico in Melbourne were not very keen on small children and a new addition to their human family changed the happy dynamics.  They are now with a retired couple and these two get walked every morning to collect the papers and have the freedom of the garden and the house.  They have settled in with their new parents very well indeed.


This gorgeous little girl Molly is a lot happier now that she’s getting the attention and affection she desires.  She loves all the visitors who come to the home and makes sure she says ‘hello’ to them all with her special kisses.  She’s got a new older brother to play with and he’s equally delighted to have a new playmate.  She does still like to have a little whinge now and then but on the whole she’s one very content little dachshund!


13 year old Limo on the Gold Coast has well and truly got her paws on the sofa in her new home.  Took her 24 hours before she claimed her new owners and home as her own.  While she’s getting on in years and has a few scars and arthritis Madam here still has a lot of chutzpah in her!  One of her tricks when she’s left on her own (and we’ve seen the video to prove it) is to raid the fridge, and yes she has worked out how to open that fridge door and help herself to some meals which were destined for the humans and not this dachshund.



Monty in Adelaide is enjoying his walks and outings with his new family.  He’s a lucky boy with a new brother and also a cat for companionship.  Monty is a happy, friendly little guy and he’s very keen to get to know the cat more.   She on the other hand is not very impressed with him and it’s probably going to take a bit of time for her to come around.  We wish you well Monty… You gorgeous boy!

puddles rehomed photo

When this beautiful girl, Puddles in Brisbane, met her new dad for the first time, she put her paw on his foot and looked up at him as if to say…. ‘Will you be my new dad?’  She captured the hearts of her new family immediately, and they are still walking around the home wondering how they got to be so lucky to have her!  We think it works both ways and Puddles is also very lucky to have joined such a lovely family.

scooby on way home

Scooby in NSW had a rotten start to life, was extremely timid and very shy of humans and frightened of just about everything.  It’s going to take time but already he has a super Mum Holly, pictured here on the left, who is teaching him by example and Holly is giving her all in trying to get Scooby to enjoy playtime and toys.  Thanks to Scooby’s new parents who have made great progress so far he now curls up on the sofa with Mum and Dad without running off in fright.   He’s also a cheeky little boy who loves finding slippers and shoes and running off with them!  We’re sure he’ll get there with the toys eventually and each day is now a good day for him.


After an exhausting day driving from the pound to home, 9 month old Piros has now laid claim to his new owners.  When something in the house goes missing its usually found buried in a flower bed, however Piros redeems himself as he loves greeting all the children and musicians that come to his home.  They’re working on his separation anxiety!

prince and rafi1

Prince and Rafi have gone to a retired couple who have a previous rescue from us, Copper.  Copper was extremely mistreated and whilst he did settle down at his new home and followed his parents around, he never actively sought out their company for pats or cuddles, preferring to keep himself to himself.  Prince and Rafi arrived and Copper’s behaviour has been nothing short of miraculous.  Within 24 hours he took their lead and is now sleeping with this pair in the human bed, up on the couch for cuddles and truly wagging his tail as life is now complete with his new buddies.



3 year old Miles from Tassie’s new family feel very blessed to have such a beautiful dachshund join their family.  Miles also has a new dachshund sister and one of their first trips was to the pet shop where the pair of them went round sniffing and choosing goodies, and Miles, naughty boy left them a calling card!

kuddl 1

Kuddl the 3 year old standard with the most beautiful nature came in from an elderly couple who were no longer able to look after him.  Kuddl was well and truly overloved weightwise and is living in a home with a family who have another rescue of ours.  The boys have completely bonded playing chase around the garden and love going for walks together.  Meantime Kuddl in on a diet together with his new exercise routine.

frankie and Felicia rehomed

Frankie and Felicia are fun, friendly and settling in well although as you can see for the picture they weren’t having a bar of anyone in the family thinking of going away.  They are always excited about going out for drives and walks.  Their new family are thrilled to have such a beautiful pair of dachshunds in their lives even though it was a logistic nightmare getting them down from the top end of Queensland.


This little Munchkin has gone to a family who over the years have taken in a few of our oldies.  Now was the time to give them all lots of joy and mischief with Daphne, who melted everyone’s hearts and immediately found her way to the dog food cupboard in the kitchen!  I think her eyes say it all.


Lucky 10 year old George wormed his way into his new family’s heart within days.  In the process he gained 2 dachshund siblings and couldn’t be happier in his new home.


Cuddles made a long trip from the country and was less than impressed when she arrived in her new home and went and hid amongst the towels in the linen press.  Five days later, and after an extensive dental, Cuddles has become a permanent and much loved member of her parents.  The change in such a short time has been dramatic but no doubt helped by experienced dachshund owners.

barbiesizzles melbourne

This pair of houdini’s, Sizzles and Barbie have found their forever home.  After a few issues with the barking that have now been solved, and Mum taking all precautions to hide the bin and lock the pantry, they have wormed their way into their owner’s hearts and beds and between them they have decided this is where they want to stay.  They might be a senior pair but there is nothing wrong with their noses and searching for food that just might have been left within their reach.  Sad to say Mum has now got the better of them on this one.

sandi rehomed

The very affectionate Sandy now has a dachshund brother to play with and has slotted into her new family with ease.  At night time there are a choice of children’s beds to sleep in so Sandy is a very happy dachshund with all the cuddles.


Carlo is such a happy little dachshund and he has brought a lot of joy into his new home.  He’s got a new brother Boris and together they enjoy their daily walks.  Carlo has lost some weight and has gone from being an outdoor dog to one that lives inside, much to his delight.


14 year old Chelsea in WA was abandoned by her parents and left behind in the house.  The most amazing new parents who have had our rescues before did a 12 hour round trip to go and collect her so that she could quickly settle in to her new home.  She’s got a way to go to get her back to good health but she will want for nothing and she couldn’t have found a better retirement home.


Tiny little Chloe in the ACT has slotted into her new home with great ease.  She’s got two dachie sisters, one of which is a rescue herself, sleeps in her parents bed and has learnt to use the doggy door with gay abandon.  One dachshund that’s only been there for a few days but already acts as if she’s lived there forever and loved so very quickly.

ziggy and fritz

Fritz and Ziggy in Sydney came from an elderly couple and went to an active family.  They don’t know what’s hit them with all the exercise that they’re getting and can frequently be found snoozing gaining energy for the next round of activities!

Roly in Melbourne came into DRA as an urgent rescue because he had got himself into big trouble.  He has shown no signs of being in the ‘dog house’ since he has been with his foster carer, who has now lovingly adopted him.  He’s back to being a happy, playful little boy and also has a new older brother ‘Reg’ to keep him in line!


Jo in Melbourne has settled into her new home without any problems.  She is bonding with her new Dad and looks at him with ‘love in her eyes!’.  He is just as besotted and we are looking forward to hearing all about her new life in the country!


Sadly, Cookies owner who loved him very much passed away recently and he was surrendered to DRA.  Luckily for Cookie, a new door has opened for him and he is now living with a new four legged brother and a human mum who adores him!  He is sleeping in her bed…(Why not!?) and back to enjoying the life that he was used to.  We wish you well Cookie and look forward to hearing about your new adventures.

phantom and tiger

Phantom in Perth has joined Tiger, another rescue whose details are below.  Phantom and Tiger are both 9 years old and from the day he arrived the boys have bonded into the closest of brothers.  They are both a lucky pair who snuggle up in the house with lots of human cuddles and acres of property to potter around exploring.  These two will want for nothing.

aydah (003)

Aydah in Adelaide was not coping very well with her new toddler sibling.  She’s been rehomed with a lady who is absolutely besotted and in love with her and Aydah now has all the attention she needs.  She’s become somewhat famous and joins her Mum on Skype calls to America to show her international friends how beautiful she is.

boris rehomed

Young Boris was feeling lonely and sad whilst his owners were at work so he needed to be rehomed.  He is a very happy boy now that he’s got human companionship all day.  He follows his parents owners around all day and is never far from their side.  Boris also has lots of new toys to play with and enjoys spending time in the garden exploring and discovering new smells.  His owners have never had a dachshund before but they are well and truly converted dachshund lovers now 🙂



Sizzles a  is a little dachshund X which might explain his exceptionally good manners with canine etiquette.  His willingness to make friends with other dogs helped him turnaround his new sister who was less than impressed when he first arrived, but now sees them running around the house chasing each other and the best of buddies.  The rest of the family love him to bits as well, so a great ending for this little man in Victoria who had a questionable start to life.

jack in blue collar


The gorgeous Jack could not believe his luck when he arrived at his new home.  In theory he’s very man shy but he freely gave kisses to his new dad within 24 hours so he knew when he was onto a good thing – wise boy!  Jack is positively thriving in his home and when he’s not hanging around his dachshund brother and sister he’s glued to his Mum who adores him as does the whole family.

lady and dexter rehomed

These two little munchkins in Victoria, Lady and Dexter,  have well and truly had a soft landing after a less than salubrious start in life.  All Lady’s rotten teeth have now been dealt with as well as both being desexed etc.  Comfy sofas, human beds and in charge of the remote control, what more could they ask for?

charlie rehomed

Charlie has now settled into family life with his new terrier brother and has a choice of human beds at night which is what he was used to in his previous home.  A very loved dachshund who sadly for his owners had to rehome him but he has made the transition and is adored by his new family.

stevie rehomed

Young Stevie, being watched over by his new big brother, is loving his new life and home.  He was introduced to the water at the weekend and has taken to it with aplomb.  One dachshund who loves swimming and can’t wait for his next water adventures.

frankie ml

Young Frankie from Sydney has gone to join another dachshund who, after spending his holidays with another dog, had decided that he needed another four legged companion for the days when his family are out.  Frankie settled in immediately and is now off to puppy training classes.

tiger rehomed

This little man came into DRA grossly overweight and a very sick little boy.  He was kept indoors and hadn’t ventured outside for quite some time to see the grass or sun.  After dentals and extensive veterinary work there’s no stopping Tiger in his new home where every day is worth waking up for. He is  lovely gentle soul and can’t believe that life could be so good.


4 year old Barron’s owner sadly passed away and due to his owner’s ill health he wasn’t socialised during those years, although he was very loved.  He came into foster care extremely shy, timid and in a depressed state.  After several weeks he discovered that he adored being in the house and bonded with his foster Mum.  Barron was desexed and unfortunately had to have all his teeth out bar 3 as they were very rotten.  He is now living it up with a wonderful couple who are letting Barron come out of his shell in his own time and he also has two other dachshunds in the house to help him settle in and watch how they behave.  It’s going to be a long road but every day sees improvement in his demeanour and confidence.


This gorgeous little girl came out a little worse for wear after a spat with her half sister and unfortunately the two girls were unable to live together anymore.  Bowie has now got a very spoilt and loving big brother Noah to snuggle up to, not to mention a devoted mum and dad.  Bowie is never far from her owners side and on the weekends, she and Noah can be found touring around Victoria in the back of the family’s vintage car.  When the roof is down Noah sits in the back with his goggles on and a pair are on order for Bowie too.  When they stop at the traffic lights these days people no longer admire the car, but rather the two back seat passengers!




poppy cindy

There were so many beautiful photos sent to us of Cindy draped across her new Dad and staring into his eyes, that it was hard to choose just one. Shey now has a lovely older brother who has welcomed her with open paws and a Mum and Dad who love her to bits already.  However Cindy (now renamed Poppy) has completely fallen in love with Dad in just a few short days!



Scampy, now renamed Bella, arrived into foster in a very traumatised state after her Mum passed away.  She was utterly depressed and wouldn’t go near her foster parents preferring to hide away from them. After a few days she started to seek them out and eventually came up on the sofa for cuddles and to sit between them.  With time and patience Bella has started to show her playful and affectionate side and her foster parents are completely smitten by this gorgeous girl and will now be adopting her.  The photo above is in her old home and we hope to have some photos of her in her new home soon.


Charlie is a completely different dachshund now that he has a new sister Bubbles as a constant companion.  He has shown no sign of any anxiety which is amazing.  He’s a great little swimmer and the whole family are looking forward to going on holiday to a pet friendly resort later this month.  Charlie has charmed his way into everyone’s hearts and he is one very happy little boy.  You are a champion Charlie and we are looking forward to hearing more of your adventures in the future.

Louie in Perth had suffered an episode of IVDD and was taken into foster care where the family have fallen in love with him and will now be adopting him.


Potato and his new sibling are keeping each other extremely busy…. Their days are spent playing ‘tug of war’ with various soft toys which are very quickly being destroyed.  They are also exploring the nearby beach on their daily walk and enjoy sniffing out the lizards in the garden.  Chasing each other around the house is another of their favourite activities and at the end of the day, these boys are worn out.  What a wonderful life!


These two boisterous boys are extremely lucky to have found such a great home in Queensland.  Now that they’ve settled in and have been shown their boundaries they’re turning into a much calmer and better behaved pair who are treasured and much loved.

Bentley was surrendered to the pound and did not do well there barking constantly and generally being very unsettled.  He’s one very lucky boy to now have a dachshund sister and this pair took to each immediately and have become the best of friends.  Bentley wasn’t the easiest dachshund to settle in but he loves his new home with a passion, still very excitable and now that he’s chomped his way through three lovely soft beds, he has been given a trampoline bed which whilst he’ll sleep on it, it’s definitely not worth killing as no stuffing anywhere!


Cashew and Peanut pictured here with their new cruisey brother.  These two are now working in an office all day and when they’re not being spoilt by the staff, are learning how to behave in a work environment and that you don’t chase off the courier man.  Hopefully Macx is helping them learn some manners.  When they’re not at work they can be seen running around on the beach having lots of fun and driving Mum mad!


Bella in Perth, is one lucky lady having found a new home with a couple who are so happy to have a dachshund back in their lives. Her new owners have kept Dachshunds for years, and it was exactly a year ago since they lost their last beloved dachsie when they signed the adoption papers for Bella. She is an active dog but they are happy to give her loads of walks which she loves, and being spoilt, so it sounds like Bella has landed on all four paws with her new home.





Pip very sadly lost his elderly Dad and is now in a beautiful home with two female dachshunds as well as his new parents.  Pip and his new Dad bonded to each other very quickly and on our first check up call, Dad and Pip were already out shopping at Bunnings!  Dad’s a very lucky man to now have a shopping mate who doesn’t find the DIY shops boring.


10 year old Mr Bean had decided that travelling around Australia was no longer his idea of fun.  Although his family were devastated at the thought of letting him go, they selflessly did what was right for Bean.   Whilst he was up for adoption Bean went down in the back and so we flew him across to Queensland for an operation and he then went into the care of Storybook Animal Sanctuary for his rehabilitation.  Poor Mr. Bean, it was a lot of emotional change for him at such an elderly age.  However, he is now in the most amazing home and as you can see by his picture he has settled in with his new Mum and Dad taking on the rest of life’s adventures.  He is such a gentle and easy going little guy who now has a beautiful garden to explore, walks to the beach and the latest notch on his belt is going for bike rides with his Dad in the basket especially for him.  What’s not to love!



Ali in Perth was not enjoying sharing his life with his new human sibling and had to be separated from the family which was not fair on any of them.  Very reluctantly they decided he would be happier in a new home.  We’re pleased to report that his new family think he’s adorable, faults and all.  As for his new older sister she’s completely besotted by having Ali to look after as can be seen here with her head resting gently on him while they both sleep!



Rosie had severe anxiety issues and was on doggy prozac although it didn’t really resolve it.  She is now living with Hoover (in the foreground) and has fitted in beautifully.  She shares Mum’s lap with Hoover, is now off all meds and gained some weight.  Her family has said she is the most divine little girl and we adore her. She goes to everyone’s bed in the morning and jumps on you until you get out of bed.  Rosie now runs the place and couldn’t be more loved.



Both Lucy and her new owners can’t believe how lucky they are to have found each other.  Lucy is now happily living inside and can usually be found sitting on her mum’s lap.  Her owners were looking for a new little companion and are thrilled to have such a lovely little girl in their lives.  A well suited match.  Thank you to everyone involved with successful adoption.


Beautiful Bambi didn’t have the very best start in life.  She was rescued by her previous owners, but due to some social issues, they were not able to provide her with the home that she needed.  She is now with a lovely couple who are well known to DRA having adopted two seniors in the past.  They are providing Bambi with the calm home that she needs and Bambi is settling into her new life quickly and is enjoying the attention and love that she deserves.


After a rocky start  at his new home,  Stuart  only proved to his owners that they had fallen for him at first sight.  He won’t be going anywhere else as he has managed to settle in most comfortably with his new sister Solo.  Together. Forever.  We wish you all the best Little Stuart.


These two little munchkins in Perth, Boo and Sulley, have settled right into their new home and their new parents say “there is no way we’re getting them back”.  They have a huge backyard to explore, postmen to keep away, fence patrol and after a busy day can be found clapped out on Mum and Dad’s knees.



This lovable and friendly littly boy, Fritz, couldn’t go into the retirement home with his mum and dad, so sadly he needed to be rehomed.  He is now living with a very active retired lady who was desperate for the companionship of a dachshund after her last one passed away.  He now accompanies her on her daily trips to various voluntary activities and his weekends are usually spent catching up with all the other dogs in his new extended family. Both Fritz and his new owner are now completely devoted to each other and couldn’t be more happier.


lilly standard vic1Lilly Leo


Just when Lilly was in need of a new family, Leo’s Mum and Dad were looking for a lady friend to keep him company when they have to leave him home alone. Despite being ten years old, Leo is a little live wire who loves to sit in the bay window and watch out for the local cats invading his garden. Lilly, at half his age, is a sedate and sensible lady who loves to couch surf. Opposites definitely attracted when Leo met Lilly and she quickly settled into her new home and endeared herself to the whole family.


frankie newcastle




Smudge, another little dachshund with a horrendous past, is now living with a retired couple and a previous rescue of ours called Harley.  Smudge has gone from tail between her legs and not looking you in the eye to now following Mum everywhere and gazing into her eyes whilst she gets her ears stroked and her tummy rubbed.  She’s now wagging her tail and running around with Harley in the garden and when they’re both relaxing Smudge likes to lick Harley all over his face.  Her life has been transformed and the only concession to her past is wolfing down her food.

sizzle puppy farm

Sizzle came in to my life after being rescued from terrible & unspeakable conditions. These conditions had an impact on her mentally, and worst of all physically. After having major dental work performed, she was released to me, and I brought her to her forever home. When I first met Sizzle, she was thin & extremely timid – every day things would frighten her, such as the feeling of grass or the sun. Sizzle spent the first couple of days sleeping in a well concealed corner at the head of my bed, she would tremble when I picked her up for bathroom trips & turn away if you spoke to her.

It has been less than 4 weeks since Sizzle became a part of our family & she has proven to be an admiration to all of us. After such a tough start to life & not even knowing how a dog is meant to act- she has come out of her shell, showing us her sassy little personality, and learning to trust us, with the help of her new 5 year old big brother, who had no problem in teaching her the concept of toys!

Sizzle loves to explore outside, chase her tail (round & round & round & round & round again!), snuggle on the lounge with me infront of the heater & is enjoying her new king sized bed- electric blanket & all!

We couldn’t imagine a life without her now, and we can’t wait for all of the exciting memories that are soon to come 🙂


Young Frankie from Adelaide is a very happy albeit exhausted little boy.  Here he is and he can hardly keep his eyes open! After exploring his new huge backyard, the veggie patch is now free from the thieving rabbits who used to enjoy eating the cabbages and broccoli…  Frankie has discovered the carrots in the ground though! He’s become a seasoned traveller and enjoys trips in the car and is loving his daily walks experiencing all those country smells!




Bentley’s previous life was fairly horrendous and at the age of 6 has had all his teeth removed, which probably says it all.  He is now living the life that he could only ever have dreamed of.  He is very much part of his new family who adore him and who also have a previous rescue from us, so apart from one two legged bossy older sister, Bentley is a very happy dachshund.

minnie perth1

Minnie in Perth


Sid in Melbourne was looking for a quieter home and now finds himself with exactly that and large rambling grounds to wander around in with his new best mate another dachshund.  One very happy dachshund loving life.

hazel rehomed

Hazel and Hugo are the best of friends and sleep curled up together on a human bed and don’t move until its breakfast time. Play time for them is after they have been out to the toilet first thing in the morning… Then they run around in a crazy manner for about an hour until they’ve worn themselves out!.  Picture of Hazel returning from a beach outing completely conked out and waiting for her own carseat!

Love my boys Pappy & Roger

Roger is everything that anyone could ask for in companion.  He is gentle with no malice in him whatsoever and now has his new mum and dad wrapped around his paws.  Whilst he’s good as gold, Mum did clarify that he certainly has a mischievous streak in him and all the bins in the house are currently being changed!


Chip has traded a busy family with young children for a couple who have a female chihuahua and whilst he thought he was going for peace and quiet, Mara the chihuahua has been keeping him on his paws and letting him know just whose boss, and it isn’t Chip!  However this pair can now be found cuddled up together and getting on well, that’s when Chip isn’t all wrapped up in his blanket on Dad’s lap.


Seka took a short time, less than a week, before he would come into the house and allow his new parents to pick him up.  With another wire dachshund to keep him company and watch what they were doing, he has become far more confident, and like most dachshunds, would rather seek you out than be ignored. Thanks to his wonderful Dads for being patient and allowing Seka to make friends in his own time.  Shame his first visit was off to the vet though!


Teeny, tiny Buttons also made a long road trip, but in the opposite direction!  This little girl took no time at all in worming her way into her Mum’s heart and has become her constant shadow.  Buttons is thriving in her new home and simply cannot believe she’s living indoors and when Mum or Dad finally get to sit down she’s the first up into their laps.

schnapps rehomed

Schnapps is a very happy boy with his new sister Mia.  Here they are both celebrating her recent birthday party.  How patient are they waiting for the OK to eat their yummy and healthy homemade birthday cakes?!

patty melbourne


Zoey was found wondering the streets unwanted and after a time in foster has now settled into her new home.  Mum cooks her a hot fresh meal everyday and she and her new dachshund brother, who turned 17 today, are getting along well.  While Mum’s at work they’re happy to sleep but the neighbourhood knows when she’s come home as there is much excitement and a song and dance to greet her.



Maple and Willow in Queensland have gone to a beautiful family who also have a male dachshund that was looking for some company.  Although Nandos has fallen in love with Willow, he’s such a gent that he doesn’t leave Maple out of their games.  Both girls are extremely gentle with the baby and can frequently be found licking her feet and making sure she’s cleaned dachshund style.


3 year old Minnie’s Mum in Queensland unfortunately had to go into a nursing home.  Minnie now has a new Jack Russell x dachshund brother and they’re like two peas in a pod.  Meantime Minnie is also learning how to play with another dog and the joys of toys.



Pumbaa and Cosette are an exceptionally lucky pair of girls in Victoria to have found their new family to live out their retirement.  Cosette might be all of 4 kilos nothing but she certainly makes her presence and wishes known in no uncertain terms.  Lucky her new Dad loves her and Mum because her dachshund brothers are still not sure about this Madam and give her a wide birth once she gets started.  Fortunately the boys are younger and can definitely outrun her!  Pumbaa bless her is an absolute sweetheart.  The girls are the middle two gazing very intently at the treat!

barney and randal rehomed

Barney and Randal are living beside the beach in Victoria with dachshund parents who are thrilled to become their new Mum and Dad.  In the extended family are another two female rescue dachshunds, and we’re hoping that eventually these 4 dachshunds will learn to accept the occasional visits from their sisters as they have a lot in common!


2 year old Dajia in Brisbane whose best and only friend was a cattle dog, is now living in the hills on acreage where he has taken over the sofa and human bed whilst completely ignoring his own.  When he’s not letting all the neighbourhood dogs know whose the new boss, he can be found playing his favourite game which is running up and down the hall from Mum to Dad.



The handsome Napoleon was extremely loved by his family but Napoleon exhibited nervous traits around his toddler sibling.  With much reluctance it was decided he would be happier in a new home, so Napoleon is now a very busy dachshund with a new dachshund ‘wife’  who is naturally the boss of the pair of them!  They both go to work with Mum and her team and his new parents will continue to help him overcome his dislike of certain men and black shoes…..:)



Henry a bundle of super energy is now in his new home and having some time invested in him to teach him some manners and how not to knock everyone down when he wants to give you kisses!



Happy has only been in his new home for a few days but he’s definitely staying as they adore having him and he and Riley, the resident mini long, never stop playing and chasing each other.  Also retired Mum and Dad can now go out shopping as Riley has stopped howling when he’s left on his own.  No doubt these two are too exhausted to do anything other than sleep when they find themselves alone.

basil adelaide

The very loving Basil from Adelaide craves affection from his humans and his new owners have totally fallen in love with him with lots of love and attention to give him.  He’s now living on acreage where he spends his spare time happily exploring on his twice daily walks.   Basil did have to leave his best friend Peaches the cat behind and we were worried that he would really miss her.  Fortunately there is a cat at his new home and they are fast becoming friends too.

walter rehomed

Ex breeding dog Walter has plenty of reasons to wag his tail now.  He’s got a loving family who dote on him and a new brother as well!  We couldn’t be happier for this gorgeous boy who so deserves the love, comfort and companionship he’s now receiving.  He’s experiencing all sorts of new and exciting adventures including his first trip to the beach.  All he needs to do now is fatten up a little!


Roly in Victoria came into DRA as an urgent rescue because he had got himself into big trouble.  He has shown no signs of being in the ‘dog house’ since he has been with his foster carer, who has now lovingly adopted him.  He’s back to being a happy, playful little boy.  He also  has a new older brother ‘Reg’ to keep him in line and he enjoys living near the beach.

Colin1 (2)

Otto (previously known as Colin) was an ex breeding dog and came into DRA through our friends at Forever Friends.  He was extremely skinny, food aggressive and defensive towards other animals.  Otto is now living as an only dog and his new owner has been very patient and understanding.   He’s a very smart, endearing and lovable little boy.   Now that he knows the routine and has a full tummy, he’s starting to relax and enjoy the love and affection that he’s being given.  Your life has turned around 100% Otto and we can’t wait to find out what it has in store for you.


tigger rehomed

Tigger, a beautiful shorthaired red mini, was a very reluctant rehoming due to a change of family circumstances. He has gone to his new home with a new mum, who stays at home all the time, his new dad who he loves to snuggle on the couch with and his new brother Owen and it only took them a day for Tigger and Owen to be snuggling together. Even though he is not a “Stand back and wait his turn kind of guy”  he does have manners. He learnt very quickly to sit on the carpet and wait for dinner and not go in the kitchen and get under everyone’s feet.Certainly living life like a Lion King!!



Vada’s first home of 5 years was not a happy environment and he was surrendered to the RSPCA a very timid and scared little boy.  He was subsequently adopted by a lovely lady who was able to provide Vada with his first dose of love and affection and he slowly learnt to trust her.   Sadly, after three years his owner passed away and Vada once again needed to be rehomed. Luckily for Vada, he is now in a home where his new owners are working to gain his trust, love and affection.  He has a new little dachshund friend to play with and he is settling in with lots of gentle TLC.  Vada, you are a brave little man and we wish you lots of love for the future.


Sadly 13 year old Rambo’s owner had to go into a nursing home and he had to say goodbye to his loyal and devoted friend.  It has not been easy for either of them but as Rambo was used to one gentleman owner we managed to find him exactly the same type of home with a retiree.  It took a good afternoon with Rambo crying but by the evening he had settled down and now he and his new Dad are pottering around the garden together chatting away to each other and Rambo is back to wagging his tail.

digit and friends


Digit took one look at his new family and decided this is where he was staying.  He settled in extremely quickly and now walks around as if he owns the place – being a dachshund he probably does!  He’s affectionate, loves the children and has been known to sneak a ride in the bottom of the pushchair and not make a sound so he can be sneaked into places he probably shouldn’t be!



dash and misti1
Thanks to the combined efforts of Dachshund Rescue Australia and Devoted 2 Dachshunds, Mysti and Dasha have been safely and lovingly re homed. For the special couple that were honoured to be given the chance of re homing these 2 gorgeous seniors, it was love at first sight the minute they met them, and Mysti and Dasha will be traveling around parts of Australia in a Caravan with their loving Mum and Dad in the near future.

September – December 2015


oliver puppy

This oh so beguiling scamp, Oliver, has gone to a home with two mini long sisters who should be keeping him in check but it appears that Oliver is ruling the roost and having an absolute ball with lots of playtime and activities!  Hard to resist such cuteness and Mum and Dad have certainly fallen for his charms too.

ginger and tilly

Ginger has happily settled in with her new sister and wonderful parents who have opened their home and hearts to her.  Tilly’s nose was slightly put out of joint to begin with but she’s got nothing to worry about and come winter we’re sure she’ll love another body to snuggle up and keep warm with.


Paulina has gone from an exceptionally quiet home in the country to a family with a male dachshund who has welcomed Paulina with open paws.  It hasn’t been an easy ride for Mum and Dad, but thanks to their incredible patience and Paulina’s lovely nature, she’s now been adopted.


Ralph and brother frank

Young Peppa was surrendered to DRA very skinny and malnourished.  He spent a couple of weeks in foster care where he was lovingly fed a healthy diet.  He even got to star on Studio 10’s show as part of the Melbourne Cup celebrations.  Now re named Ralph, he is in his forever home with a new brother Frank.  They spend their days playing ‘tug of war’ and snuggling up together on the couch.  When mum’s home she now has two little shadows following her every move!  We are all looking forward to seeing Ralph again at the DITP Xmas celebrations.  Here he is looking extremely healthy on the right hand side.



Sweet little Poppy is now enjoying her daily walks and has made friends with an English Boxer who calls in to see if she’d like to accompany him on a walk.  As for Mum and Dad, Poppy has filled a void in their lives, which had been with them since the passing of their greatly loved smooth hair, Reba, after eighteen years.  Poppy is adored and she responds accordingly and loves all the affection and attention that her new family is giving her.


charlie mw

Charlie just adores her new family and is settling in beautifully.  She is at her happiest when everyone is home and she’s receiving all the love and affection on offer.  She’s a gorgeous little girl with a lovely personality and happy nature.


Everyone is delighted by the arrival of the very handsome Ollie and he is absolutely adored by everyone. He bonded really quickly with his new family and they feel as though he’s been there forever.  He and his  brother Angus, a highland terrier,  are getting on well and sleep next to each other on the sofa.


cooper rehomed

After being bullied by the female resident American Bulldog, Cooper had become anxious and unhappy.  Cooper now spends his days helping his new owner on the farm.  At nights he is spoilt by the rest of the family with lots of love and attention.  He even gets on with his new sister Chi Chi.  All the best Cooper… We wish you well!




frankie2jean arnold

We wanted to show you the lengths that some dachshunds go to when they’re meeting a potential new sister.  This is Ben, wearing his bow tie with a bunch of flowers, who recently lost his dachshund brother of many years and really wasn’t coping.  Frankie, the oh so cool dachie, was sent off to bring some joy back into Ben’s life.  We couldn’t think of a more deserving brother to have scored such a young and beautiful sister.


Woody (The Gangster)  came into DRA through our friends at GAWS. He’s a simply gorgeous little boy who is being kept in line by his new, bossy older sister. Not that he minds, he loves having a furry friend for company.  He’s also enjoying the tummy rubs, cuddles and daily walks on the beach with his new owners.  Enjoy your new life Woody!


It didn’t take long at all for Frankie to charm her way into the hearts of her new family.  She’s back to being the centre of attention and she’s a very happy girl…. Ooops… We mean Princess!



Yes, Eddie really is as perfect and sooky as he looks.  Sadly his Mum has dementia so 3 year old Eddie has joined a family where they’re amazed at how quickly he’s settled in and how it took them less than 24 hours to fall in love with him.  Eddie also joins a jack russel/foxie who has blossomed since Eddie has arrived.



Pip (previously known as Jacqui) was described as an ‘angel’ on her first night as she settled in very quickly. She didn’t have the best start in life as when she was rescued she was covered in mites and was nothing more than skin and bone.  Now she is a very happy and healthy little girl.  She enjoys long walks beside the river and is a very welcome and loved new member of the family.


The beautiful natured Jack struck lucky and has gone to a home with a couple of other dachshunds.  Didn’t take long for everyone to settle in and then Jack was off on his travels as Mum and Dad like to take off and visit parts of the country accompanied by their dachshunds.

dash x

Dash is an extremely energetic dachshund x who accompanies Mum on her daily walks and runs and joins Dad on shorter mountain bike trips.  When he’s not helping with the gardening or going to the beach, this very merry little fellow loves being part of all the action including “supervising” all the tradies who are helping to rennovate his new home.  Dash just loves everybody, however he’s taking dog training classes at his own pace as there are too many distractions.  Mum thinks he’ll get there eventually!



max cardiff nsw

The gorgeous Max has gone to the Hunter Valley and is being trained up for Cellar Door duties!  He quickly settled into his new home with Mum & Dad falling in love with him very quickly and they couldn’t be happier that Max has joined their family.


Phoebe proved to be a very popular girl and DRA was inundated with telephone calls and emails regarding her welfare. Phoebe came in with a few veterinary issues and is now on the road to recovery.  She’s once again enjoying life back indoors and being in the company of her new owners.   She is getting along very well with her new brother Milo and he is starting to get used to sharing the love, attention and tummy rubs.  Luckily there is plenty of that to go around, so neither of them are missing out. We wish Phoebe all the very best with lots of warmth, happiness and love.


Brax 4

Brax, now Max, was surrendered to a shelter as his owners were moving.  He’s now in a very loving home and has the option of visiting their farm for lots of action when City life gets boring.  Since he’s been in his new home, he’s become much less anxious and far more playful and relaxed and has started showing there’s a lot more to be found out!

Frankie 1 qld

Frankie is far more relaxed and happy now that she doesn’t have to share her home with a noisy toddler.  She loves her new brother and her new beagle cousins who come over to play.  Frankie is still a little bit of a growler but she is becoming more friendly towards strangers.


brugal rehomed

Brugal came into DRA as he had upset the neighbours with his howling when left alone.  Now Brugal is settling into his new home to the delight of his new brother Jagger and they have become the best of friends.  He is enjoying morning cuddles with mum after dad goes to work and he’s starting to behave himself when out walking on the lead.  All the best Brugal in your new home!

The gorgeous Milo is happily settling as an only dog with all the attention placed on him. He’s met the neighbours, his extended family and after his initial warning bark is collecting a number of fans along the way!


percy perth1

Percy from Perth was having dominance issues with his staffy x brother and needed to move quickly.  He went into foster care to have all his veterinary work done and it didn’t take long for Percy to work his charms on his foster family.  His paws are well and truly under the table and he’s staying.

maddox and dora

Maddox and Dora (the explorer) are such a lovely pair of dachshunds and have proved to be a delight to their new family .  Maddox being so easy going and cruisey took the move in his stride and settled in immediately.  Dora took a little bit longer to like everyone in the family but is now closest to the ones who she first growled at!

3 fur babies (1)

Schnapps came into DRA as he was lonely and anxious after losing his sister suddenly.  He’s now  living on a beautiful passionfruit farm in Queensland.  Not only does he have a family who adore him, he has a new sister and a cat as his favourite companions.  Here they are all sleeping together…. Just adorable!



This beautiful girl Sophia has been described by her new owners as ‘perfect’.  She is the most delightful companion  to her new owners and they take her almost everywhere with them.  She’s been having fun meeting new people young and old and is friendly, happy and playful to all.  Enjoy your new life Sophia!



Henry came into Dachshund Rescue as an anxious little boy who constantly cried for his dad whilst he was at work.  Now Henry has a new playmate Buddy and they love nothing more than rumbling around and playing together, like boys do.  He no longer frets and is enjoying being a mummy’s boy, daddy’s boy and everyone else in the family’s little boy too!



Schnittie and Bismarck are very happy in their new home.  They have taken over the house in true dachshund style and their new owners couldn’t be more thrilled.  They spend their days hanging out with dad. When mum comes home in the afternoons, it’s the highlight of their day with cuddles and tummy rubs galore.


7 year old Mindy had severe separation anxiety howling away like she was being murdered.  She’s now with a retired couple and another female dachshund and they adore her, think she’s quite beautiful.  Mindy loves her new home and can’t believe how lucky she is and so far she’s been left on her own!



Buster is now with his new forever family and he is very much loved.  He does have some issues when visitors come to the home, but is trying very hard to be a good boy.  The praise, cuddles and tummy rubs make it worthwhile for him to be on his best behaviour. He likes to go on walks with his new fur siblings and is enjoying a love/hate relationship with the family feline.


Finn & Strazberg
Saffin, now affectionately known as Finn is happily living and playing with his new fur- brother, Strazberg Von Schnitzel near the beach.   He is enjoying daily walks, cuddles and tummy rubs from his new family.  Finn was timid and shy at first but is now loving being allowed indoors and being part of all the family action.  He has a new bed and toys which he shares with Straz (sometimes!)  Here is a beautiful  photo of Finn (on the left) with Straz.


danny boy rehomed

Danny the 10 year old gentleman surrendered to the pound went into foster just a tad overweight! and meanwhile has had surgery to remove some lumps and a nasty tumour in his ear.  Danny has a lovely nature and has just accepted and moved into his new home like he’s always been there.  He is extremely loved and treasured.






July/August 2015



Sweet  Delilah is now happily playing with her new brother, Schnitzel.  She’s was a little bit timid and shy at first but is now starting to come out of her shell.  Delilah is enjoying lots of love and attention from her owners, and she’s loving having human companionship all day.


The very regal Elvis has discovered his favourite place is on the sofa although given half the chance it would be the kitchen where all the foods coming from!  He’s settled in well with a Schnauzer who loves him and another dachshund who is a tad jealous.  Enough humans to go around for one each though!

Daisy has gone to a retired couple with a chihuahua and is loving all the attention she’s now having and living as an indoor lady.  Unfortunately Daisy’s teeth were in a terrible state and after and extensive dental she now has one tooth left.  Very sad for what we believe is a 9 year old.

saxon rehomed

Saxon pictured here with his new brother (B & T) whose giving him the look “you’re not staying are you”.  Yes he is and Saxon is an extremely lucky dachshund to have found the family he’s now in.  Meanwhile George has become a lot more tolerant of Saxon and they enjoy walking and playing together.


Bronte wasn’t too happy with the very young children she was living with so has now been rehomed with an older family and she’s an absolute delight and has made herself very much at home.


Saus and Agge went into foster care as a pair of dachshunds looking for a new home.  Agge took an immediate shine to the resident Miniature pinscher and dumped Saus much to his chagrin.  Agge ended up as a permanent member of her foster family and Saus went off to join a lovely new family with another dachshund who he’s now best friends with.


mimsie and the greyhound lisa

Mimsie and her new sister Lisa the greyhound.  Lisa is such a gentle lady as is Mimsie and they both settled in with each other straightaway. However her new Mum and Dad had a bit of work settling her in when they had to leave her but all has worked out with their hard work and perseverance.


Boogie Wonderland has surprised and delighted his new owners with his typical dachshund quirkiness.  They have not had the pleasure of owning a dachshund before but are quickly becoming besotted like the rest of us.  Boogie has a new Pointer as a brother and is enjoying being spoilt by the 5 year old twin girls of the family.  Boogie is mischievous and was caught red handed helping himself to cheese off the dining room table the other night!

sylvie rehomed

Sylvie has become the centre of attention in her new family and is loving life with all the attention given to her as an only dachshund.  As you can see she’s now living indoors and has become one very spoilt and loved dachshund.



Young George’s poor Mum sadly had to rehome him due to ill health.  He’s now with another of our rescues and although Louis is still a tad jealous of him, they are playing and chasing each other around the house.  George meanwhile is causing chaos, has been described as a stomach on legs always hungry, but all will be worth it when he eventually grows up as he’s a beautiful little boy.



Isabella loved her new home and her new brother fell in love with her just a little bit too much!  She’s learning all about toys and play and it’s a new world for her.

rusty rehomed1

Rusty is keeping everyone amused with his cute tricks.  He loves to jump up on the back of the couch and stick his nose through the venetians so that he can see outside. He also likes to put his paw on the electric button in the car to open the window for some breeze.  He’s such a smart little guy and absolutely adores his new owners and new brother Max.


It didn’t take long for Marshall to make himself at home.  As soon as he arrived in Adelaide, he was wagging his tail and ready to go.  Even though he was always an outside dog, he has now taken command of the couch and loves being allowed inside and part of the action.  He’s enjoying lots of hikes with his active owner and swimming in the creeks.



Ellie has fitted in extremely well and is sleeping with Will the mini dachshund who has been without a friend for a couple of Months. She has spent lots of time exploring the garden, finding lots of new smells and had a ride in the family ute and observed the cattle out the window.  First time she’s come across those and isn’t quite sure about them just yet.



The gorgeous and loyal Spencer got his wish and is living with a retired couple with company all day.  He is now Lord of the Manor  with two humans well trained to play his favourite game of fetch.


man and pollyneighbours

Manuel and Polly are living on acreage but very much indoor dogs who have taken to sleeping in the human bed with much relish.  Instead of neighbouring dogs to bark at this is a picture of their own unique neighbours which they can only stare in wonder at and realise that the camels are best left to be in awe of!


Jax,  8 months old, was surrendered at the vet to be put to sleep as he had apparently killed sheep and chickens  He’s now well and truly enjoying his second chance at life living with a family who thought he was beautiful from the moment they first met him.  Jax is behaving perfectly both at home and out walking.  If he comes across a bigger, scary dog he likes to hide behind the legs of the 6ft 4″ teenager in the family!



The very pretty Daisy came into rescue because she was such an anxious little bunny.  She is now wagging her tail and happily settling into her new home.  She loves to go outside to have a bark at the birds and she’s enjoying all the love and attention now that she is an ‘only’.  Daisy is now very content and relaxed and her owners absolutely adore their new addition.






frank 3 year

Frank can’t believe how lucky he is to be able to run in and out of the house at his pleasure.  He’s had a snooze on the garden swing and has enjoyed being led on the lead around the garden by the 4 year old granddaughter.  Frank’s been described as perfect and his owners can’t believe how lucky they are to have him.

mister and treyarn

The beautiful Mister and Treyarn have now settled into their new home where they are enjoying lots of love and attention.  After not having dachshunds in their lives for the last year or so, their owners are delighted that their family is complete again.




jill is settling into family life and has also become an indoor dachshund and very much part of their family receiving lots of cuddles and attention which is exactly what she was looking for.




patrick rehomed


Thanks to our DRA friends, 6 year old Patrick’s plight was noticed on a Gumtree ad.  He’s now settling into his new home with a brother to play with and his first visit to the vet for a check up resulted in 15 teeth being removed.  Patrick’s a lovely, friendly little boy who enjoys meeting people and dogs on his walks.  His owners are looking forward to giving him a lot more cuddles and kisses now that he has had his teeth sorted out!  Next will be his de sexing but we’re not telling him about that just yet!




8 year old Copper is one very emotionally damaged dachshund and it’s going to take some time before he starts to relax and interact with human beings and realises they represent love.  It’s going to be a long road and we’re so very grateful to have found a couple who are dedicated to his rehabilitation and we hope it’s eventually going to be a happy ending for them all.


Sadly my Dad did pass away but I’m in a lovely new home which of course I’m now ruling. I get to sleep beside Mum every night and snore away happily and have a new car seat with a flash blue seat belt so I can go everywhere with her.  For a 14 1/2 year old the vet said I’m a very distinguished gentleman although I do have cataracts, heart murmur and I’m a bit deaf.  However after a dental I do now have great teeth!  Oscar.


hugo rehomed

The very anxious Hugo has settled in with another of our rescue dachshunds and has become far more relaxed and happy with the company of both his new sister and Mum.  He no longer needs the prozac now that his needs are being met.



Rocket’s parents fell in love immediately and Rocket himself has fitted in so well.  He’s already visited the beach which he loved and has been shopping for a collection of new toys which he’s also enjoying.


It didn’t take long at all for Schnitzel’s new family to fall in love with him.    Already he’s part of the furniture and here he is tucked up in bed after his breakfast watching the Today Show…. It’s too cold to get up anyway…. What a lucky boy you are Schnitzel!




Sadly Harley lost both his parents within a short space of time.  He’s now in a home with two of our previous rescues one of which is a mini wire and Harley is absolutely smitten with her.  This brave little man has gone from being a little fear aggressive to a cheeky, affectionate dachshund who is loving life with lots of land and smells to explore.


Dior got all her wishlist ticked off and is now living with another dachshund in a beautiful country home and two teenage daughters to dote upon her.  Dior can’t wait for Summer to come around when she can start exploring all those acres and can fine tune her hunting skills.


The rather shy and needy Milly settled into her new home very quickly having been cuddled all the way home.  She’s got a new dachshund brother and is a very spoilt dachshund who gets to share the human pillow in bed!


Hamish has all the attention focused on him, which as his picture shows, he’s got no complaints about.  In his extended family there are more dachshunds for those times when he’s wanting a play date.

ned 4

Ned gained a new dachshund sibling and in true dachshund fashion it didn’t take long for Ned to find the best spot on the sofa top cushions.





May/June 2015


Jak is so very happy in his new home and spends as much time as he can sleeping on his new owners lap.  His toilet training is excellent with only one accident in the house on the first day and he now uses the doggie door at his convenience.  He gets on very well with his new brother and they enjoy their playtime.



Rusty is loving life with all the attention and affection focused on him and his parents can’t imagine life without him now.  Although he’s been described as an absolute delight we have a feeling the two golden retrievers who he lives with don’t share the same opinion of Rusty!

mutt and kransky

Gorgeous brothers Mutt and Kransky go to footy training twice a week plus the game on the weekend where they enjoy lots of looks and attention.  They have started their exercise regime with long walks on the weekends.  The boys take turns sleeping in the kids bedrooms at night and are well and truly part of the family.  Even the cat is starting to get along with them.

bobby rehomed2In memory of Tilly xx

In memory of Tilly xx

11 year old Bobby and his sister Tilly had to be given up by their elderly Mum who was no longer able to look after her beloved dachshunds.  Tilly was blind, had diabetes and also suffered from cushings.  Sadly Tilly kept going into diabetic comas which was extremely distressing for Tilly and her lifelong vets spent days trying to keep her sugar levels normal.  With her cushings as well Tilly was extremely sick and we were advised to kindly let Tilly go gently.  Our foster carer rushed back to the vets with lots of chocolates to feed Tilly and cuddled her to the end.  We would like to publicly thank our foster carer for such compassion and kindness shown to Tilly.

We were extremely concerned that Bobby wouldn’t cope without her but he has now gone to a family with another of our rescue dogs and they have two young sons who adore Bobby.  He gets to choose which of their beds he sleeps on at night time and Bobby is enjoying the second half of his new life.

frankie packenham

4 year old Frankie is finally living the life he deserves indoors and now part of the family and all their activities.  He has a younger dachshund brother to keep him company and lots of dachshunds in the extended family so he’s now spoilt for choice in who he plays with.  A drastic change from living on his own in the backyard and not particularly wanted.


Paolo has settled into his new home like he’s been there forever.  He has been learning his manners in the hierarchy department after incorrectly thinking he’s the one in charge.   He and his new brother Boris are fast becoming the best of friends.  We wish the beautiful Paolo much happiness in the future.


larry and lill1

Larry and Lilly have made themselves at home in Glebe and are loving sleeping and snuggling, snuffling for badgers in the garden, chasing balls in the park, and more snuggling and sleeping. They sometimes do things separately, but most of the time they move in parallel. Their life is wonderfully uncomplicated


We had a lovely picture of 9 month old red m.s. Nuts on our adoption page, this however is naughty Nuts with his new brother.  Their parents think it might be karma as Schnags like to do the same thing to the cat.  We really can’t top that with any more comments!

Jasper 2

The very lovable but naughty Jasper has hit the jackpot in his new home.  He’s loving all the ‘one on one’ attention and is very spoilt.  His new mum is going to work on his social skills so that walking is enjoyable.  Jasper went missing the other night and was later found sleeping in mum’s bed….. Hmmmm Did we say he was spoilt already??!!


molly and lucy

Mollie and Lucy have only been at their new home for a few days but Mum and Dad are not giving them back.  Both girls need to lose some weight and Mum is starting them on regular walks and a weight loss programme.   In spite of this the girls are loving their new home and parents.

dash and effy rehomed

The very sweet natured Dash and Effy very much loved and welcomed in their new home.  The greeting that the family come home to is a sure sign that they’re besotted too.


loki one blue one brownthor1

Thor and Loki are settling into their new home and are starting to learn the toilet training rules.  This active pair have already taken command of the couch and enjoy their days snuggling up to each other.

Brodie on couch

Brodie was one of three dachshunds that came in for rehoming.  All three were left with a friend a couple of years ago whilst their owner went overseas on holiday but never came back.  He arrived with two very infected teeth and one at the back was broken with a nerve exposed explaining why he was unable to eat dried food.  In spite the pain he must have been in Brodie is a very cruisey dachshund now in the most delightful home where he will get the very best of care.


Missy who was part of the three has become the sole companion to a lady who adores her and the two of them happily potter around the garden as well as Missy going out on long walks.  She spends her nights beside Mum’s bed but you can’t see her because she’s one of those dachshunds that snuggles right under the blanket.  Picture of Missy focused intently on that chicken treat.


Lucy the smallest and naughtiest of the three has joined forces with a male dachshund.  On her first day Lucy was less than impressed with him almost blotting her copy book and being returned, but now they spend hours licking each other’s whiskers (something we’ve never come across before, so we’re assuming it’s a weird kind of love between the two of them) and cuddled up in Mum’s bed together.  Lucy however is definitely in charge, first in line for food and everything else that’s on offer!


Anderson didn’t take long to melt everyone’s hearts.  At 7pm every night he and his new dachshund sister start chasing each other around the house and playing ball much to the amusement of his family.  Anderson has also discovered the beach which he loves playing and running around on.


12 year olds Lawren and Vega are the most delightfull and loyal little munchkins.  After being reluctantly re homed they are already showing their devotion to their new family.  Vega and Lawren are enjoying their cuddles, pats, love and attention.   There’s lots of playtime too with the other resident dachshund and westie.  Lawren and Vega will definitely live out their days showered with love.

Bae came into foster in an extremely stressed state but was quickly rehomed with another dachshund who accepted her straight away as his new sister. She made the transition to a housetrained and indoor dachshund in a matter of days and was kept so busy on her first weekend visiting the beach, extended family and all their dogs, that she didn’t have time to worry any more! We couldn’t be happier for Bae and thank her new family for their patience and opening their arms to her with such love.

PoloLucy second time

Lucy and Polo have settled in very well and now have every one well trained and to their liking. They have a brisk early morning walk which Lucy loves and Polo reluctantly brings up the rear but he knows that there is a bone when they get home to occupy them through the day with their new nana. When mum comes home from work and the welcome calms down mum gets walked to the kitchen by Polo the food monitor so that she can sort out their dinner. Lucy the cuddler has taken over the sleeping arrangements and if she can’t have her head on the pillow she will reluctantly settle for under the blankets.


toby lismore2

8 month old Toby has learnt a trick or two and can shake paws and give you a high five before his receiving his dinner.  He’s with a 2 year old dachshund and the pair of them run and chase each other around the house.  Toby is also the only dachshund we know that’s turned down sleeping in the human bed, bless him.

harry perth3

Harry from Perth has ended up with a sister who co-incidentally was bred by the same breeder as himself.  He’s settled in extremely well but does have a hard choice as to which human bed to sleep in at night.


Barney came into foster to be desexed, have his heartworm checked and vaccinations updated.  His foster parents fell for his easy charms and have taken him out shopping for a new bed, collar and jacket to keep him warm for his explorations.  Barney is staying where he is.

  cookie rehomed

Cookie is now living with a family who are as devoted to him as he is to them.  He has already been to his first weekend football match and is loving life in Tassie.  Cookie has taken a particular shine to their teenage son and misses him terribly when he is at school. We’ve been told that if Cookie ever needs rehoming again then we’re having to rehome their son as well as they’re inseparable.

Connor and summer

Connor and Summer’s parents had started to work very long hours and these two were spending the day barking and annoying the neighbours.  Was a very upsetting situation and their new Mum has cried tears of sympathy for their Mum and Dad.  Connor and Summer though are having a ball walking the paddocks daily and can’t wait to be let off leash for all the running around and exploring that now awaits them.  New Dad is the soft touch and these gravitated very quickly to him.


The gorgeous Jessie was handed into the pound together with a couple of spoodles as their owners were moving.  Jessie is wearing a cone as she got badly scratched by taking on a cat and we’re hoping she’s learnt her lesson.  3 Weeks later it’s still on….. but her eye has almost now healed completely.  She’s in a home where she’s absolutely adored and has both parents treating her like the Princess she thinks she is.  Jessie was a very sensitive soul and she is the only dachshund that I can describe as having seen the light go out of her eyes.  We’re pleased to report though that Madam has that naughty twinkle back and what dachshund wouldn’t with two doting parents.

sam and sizzles

Sam and Sizzles (Sizzi) love to supervise their new owners cleaning efforts and also enjoy helping out in the home office. Apart from these very important jobs, they have settled into their new home with non stop wagging tails and a bounce in their step. Their new family are officially in love with them both and are so grateful to  have them in their lives.


alphie and amber

Alfie is being kept in line by his new older sister who helped to teach him how to behave in her house!  Amber remains boss and Alfie plonked himself in Amber’s bed the other day for a cuddle and she raised no objections so the bonding has begun between this beautiful pair.

frankie m.l.

Frankie is such a gentle dachshund and friends with anyone who will rub his tummy.  He’s in a beautiful home with a little jack russel who sends Harry off to check everyone out and make sure they’re safe before entering their home.  She’s now a relaxed little bunny having such a brave dachshund brother, who incidentally probably hasn’t learnt to growl, never mind chase anyone off the property:)


Cookie is now living with a family who are as devoted to him as he to them.  He enjoys going to the weekend football match and is loving life in Tassie.  He has taken a particular shine to the teenage son and misses him terribly when he is at school.  The kisses and cuddles he gives to the family when they return home is a sure sign that he is a very happy little Cookie.

linus and lola

Linus and Lola flew to Queensland to join another dachshund where the three of them have now become well known, for all the wrong reasons!  Dad is thinking of buying a bike trailer so he can bundle the three of them in there and cycle down to the creek where they can walk and explore without meeting any other dogs.

March / April 2015


Sadly for Dasher his Mum had dementia and heart problems.  He was staying with a family member who worked full time and Dasher was getting very sad and upset. His new Mum raced over to collect Dasher and bring him home to meet his dachshund sister.  Love at first sight between him and Mum, Lulu started off ignoring him but has now accepted him into the fold as they tend to swap beds – always a sign of acceptance!





Frank and Beans had to be rehomed together and to everyone’s amazement we found them a home where the pair of them have settled in as if they’ve always been there.  They are exceptionally loved and spend their time on various laps soaking up the attention and cuddles.

basil now bob1

Sir Basil was found in a terrible state wandering the roads and taken to the pound where no one claimed him.  DRA put him into foster where he went through a battery of tests  for everything under the sun.  The patches on his skin are where tar had melted into his fur and despite cutting out most of the tar and several baths, his skin and fur have not completely recovered yet.  He’s all of 5 years old and has a beautiful, friendly and trusting nature.   His beautiful foster Mum and Dad couldn’t resist him and have now adopted Sir Basil.


Sadly for Dasher his Mum had dementia and heart problems.  He was staying with a family member who worked full time and Dasher was getting very sad and upset. His new Mum raced over to collect Dasher and bring him home to meet his dachshund sister.  Love at first sight between him and Mum, Lulu started off ignoring him but has now accepted him into the fold as they tend to swap beds – always a sign of acceptance!

amber new home

12 year old Amber is now living in the country with a new lease of life exploring the many acres she now lives on.  No meandering around for Amber, she walks at a cracking pace and her joie de vivre is contagious as she bounces about and smiles broadly when they’re out “doing their stuff”.  Here’s a picture of Amber about to go on one of her adventures with a big smile on her face.

ebony and stella 1

Ebony walked into her new home and staked her claim of ownership as if she’d been there all her life.  She’s lost a few kilos since arriving and is running around all over the house with new energy.  Her parents describe her as placid and gentle and cannot believe how perfect she is.


Diego went on a short flight to join a family with another dachshund his age.  Days are spent chasing each other and rolling around and that sad looking face of his has very much changed!






This gorgeous girl Chloe was not coping with a very active toddler and so she was rehomed with another male dachshund.  Her Mum runs a yoga class from home and so she gets to meet lots of adoring fans and sits quietly watching them.  Wonder what goes though her mind:)


8 year old Olga was surrendered to the pound for suddenly starting to bark!  She’s now in a home with another of our rescues living the country life and adored by her family, even though she wasn’t very nice to them at the beginning.  As for her new brother, she snapped at him on the first day so he started hiding behind Dad’s leg every time Olga came anywhere near him.  Pleased to report these two are now friends!!

oscar and albert1

Oscar and Albert had been around the block somewhat but are now settled and spoilt rotten in their new home.  Oscar is the sook and Albert the barker and both of them follow Dad up to and into his bed at night, until Mum goes bed who then takes them out and puts them in the laundry for the rest of the night!


Tootie found her home with another dachshund where she can live out her retirement in peace.

marley and missy 1

Unfortunately we were spun a bit of a tale about Marley and Missy as they had been passed around from person to person over the years before coming into DRA.  Although all their veterinary work was done in foster they turned to be older than we were led to believe.  In spite of this and some of their issues they have gone to a very dedicated family who we thank from the bottom of our hearts for taking them into their home.


The young and energetic Buckley is living with 2 Siamese cats and a standard poodle as his new best friend. There were some issues to begin with regarding the cats (on their part not Buckley’s) but now the cats are coming around, albeit slowly.  Loulou the poodle is in seventh heaven having Buckley as her partner and Mum has reported back that every day is a delight with this funny little man.

January/February 2015



This beautiful little munchkin, Miley, who up until now has had a very unsettled life and became extremely anxious as a result, is now living with her new Mum as the new Chief Operating Officer! When she’s not helping out in Mum’s office or having her cuddles, she can be found round at her grandparents which is now her second home as she adores her grandmother who also owns a jack russell.  Someone to play with when she goes visiting.  Thank you to her foster carer for looking after Miley and transforming this little girl with her patience and love.



Frankie has gone off to live with another of our rescue boys, called Frank!  He’s had lots of adventures already on his country property and within a couple of days gave up chasing the wallabies finally realising they were far too quick for him.  When he’s not exploring with his brother or having cuddles in bed, he’s also gone with Mum to her quilting group where the ladies thought he was adorable.  Looks can be deceiving!



Bangers went on a flight to his new home and dachshund brother who had recently lost his best friend and would no longer go out for walks.  Bangers was very quiet for the first two days but soon found his bark and confidence and in typical dachshund style is patrolling “his” property and now found his bark again.  As for his new family they think he’s a dear little boy, very much in love with him as is his new brother who is now back on track and going out on his daily walks again.


The beautiful 4 year old Willow went to Queensland to a family who took a very elderly dachshund from us last year who sadly passed away. Willow took some time to settle in but with the patience of her new family she’s now come round.  When Dad goes off to work Willow takes herself off to Dad’s bed and waits until he comes home.



Mia required extensive veterinary work due to a large number of kidney stones which she’d had for quite some time.  She is a completely different girl from when she first came into foster care and is now settled into her new home where it was love at first sight for everyone when Mia met her new family.  A gorgeous and brave girl who is lucky enough to have a new dachshund brother as well and they both adore each other.


Patch was surrendered to the pound as he’d been a bit naughty in his previous home and had eaten a chook (or two).  He’s settled in so well with his new family and they’re totally in love with him. He’s been described as quite a character and when he went missing the other day causing heart attacks to Mum, she eventually found him under the covers snuggled up to her son.

billy and lucy

Billy and Lucy are settling in nicely to their new home, and we’re so thrilled to have them. Billy is recovering well after his little “procedure”. He doesn’t like the cone very much, but it’s only on for another few days and a cuddle or a squeaky toy can usually distract him. You can often find them spread out on the lounge on a large gold satin pillow and watching  the world go by. They’ve turned our new house into a home, and are completely part of the family.”



10 year old Amber has found her perfect retirement home in the country.  She’ll be heading off in April and is very much looking forward to country smells and sunning herself on the various sofas. We’ll keep you updated.

jade and mandela rehomed

Jade and Mandela are settling into their new home and Mum and Dad feel so lucky to have them in their lives.  They are “just perfect”.



11 year old Ruby has spent the first day or so very quiet but with lots of cuddles and sleeping in Mum’s arms she’s adapted exceptionally well to her new home and Mum absolutely adores this little treasure.

November 2014


Seda has found a new partner in crime with another dachshund and they absolutely adore each other.  They can be found curled up together in bed and when they’re not sleeping they’re busy stealing each other’s toys and embarking on games of chace.


Alf the 14 year old has gone to a beautiful dachshund family and now has a brother and sister who are slightly younger than him and will take good care of him.


sid and trixie3

Sid and Trixie have settled into their new home with aplomb.  The children adore them, they in turn love their evening cuddles and they’ve been busy helping around the large property with all sorts of impressive dachshund duties that they so enjoy.



Charlie has settled well with her new family and the children absolutely adore her.  Christmas shopping for Charlie has already been undertaken with a very special gift for her.



Jazz’s new sister fell in love at first sight with him and they are now the best of buddies.  His new family also adore him and are working on one or two of his naughty traits in the hope that he’ll end up as beautifully behaved as his sister!


3 year old Po has only been in her new home for a few days but already she and her new Mum are inseparable and enjoying lots of cuddles.  Po likes to watch television from the comforts of her Mum’s bed and they’ve already been out shopping today to buy a new collar and all other accessories that Madam might need.




 dash and belle

Belle was sent on an emergency mission to help her new brother get over the loss of his last dachshund friend.  All sweetness and light in her basket but she’s certainly keeping Mum and Dad on their toes but has accomplished her task of helping her brother overcome his distress.



Scooter is loving his new home and all the attention that he’s now getting.  His new best friend is a gentle spaniel and some of her best traits have rubbed off on Scooter and helped calm him down as well.

sammy luke paton

Sammy the 8 year old didn’t take long to get his paws and heart transferred to his new family.  He’s loving his new life living indoors and being part of everyone’s lives.


Beautiful natured Billy is very much loved by his new family.  He’s got a healthy appetite appreciating anything that lands in his bowl and loves his walks.

harrie pippa

Harriet who was purchased as an unwanted gift and subsequently delivered to the pound, has been adopted by her foster carer.

ted renamed ben

10 month old Ted had not had the best start in life and as a result was particularly fearful of people and a biter.  It was touch and go as to whether he would be rehomeable but after a week’s session with DRA’s trainer he has now been adopted out and his new parents will be continuing with his training.  He’s got a nice big brother to protect him and already his parents cannot imagine their home without him.

lilly new home

12 year old Lilly is now a very happy dachshund following the other dogs around, learning the ropes, and had her first bark at a kangaroo.  Her confidence is growing daily as she learns to relax and enjoy the indoor life of home.



Tuppy who is somewhat addicted to cane toads and the effects of the highs received from licking them.  She’s now well away from all toads and her new family pretty much fell in love with her straightaway.


Walter has gained a new dachshund sister who are becoming best of friends.  However Walter’s favourite game is the ball and every time she sits down Walter’s nose comes nudging the ball to her and there’s no peace or relaxation with the paper while keeping Walter entertained.


September/October 2014

 neveah new home

Neveah and her new older sister Megan enjoying a co0l off in the garden.  One timid dachshund gaining confidence daily thanks to the love and dedication of her new family.



ruby and coco


Ruby and Coco in Tasmania are now living at the Hlton and very happy with sleeping in front of the fire, going on two walks a day and Coco will shortly be meeting up with her litter sister who also lives in Tassie.


grace and joy


Grace and Joy are living in the lap of luxury and their new owners have straight away fallen for their charms.  As they are not too good on the lead they’re off to boot camp training sessions to make them more sociable out walking

 max wirehair

11 year old Max had to be rehomed due to his Mum going into care.  Max hit it off with his new parents and foxie brother from day one and has slotted into to his new home perfectly.  He and Herbie play together and  they do share their toys with each other!

purvis perry



9 year old Riva and her new owner are a perfect match.  Riva is following her around everywhere and loving all the one on one attention, an extremely loved little girl.  Small steps are being taken to introduce Riva “the Diva’ to other dogs and in the meantime she’s starting to gain some much needed weight.



Pedro is living with a family who dote on him and although he was man shy to begin with, great progress is being made with lots of patience and TLC.  Pedro himself is going really well and getting lots of cuddles and playing with the children in the garden.

Bernard and Percy

This cheeky pair, Bernard and Percy are with their new active family who are now taking them out and socialising them.  It has been an interesting road with some upheavals but they’re now under the care of a good trainer and their family is committed to making sure these two can go everywhere with them, without disgracing themselves.




Penny who came in with rotten teeth, cataracts so bad she was half blind and stumbling around, is now enjoying life in her home having had her sight restored and all her veterinary work completed.  Her new Mum has described her as exquisite.  A long road to health but so worth it.


Buddy who we think is about 4 years old, came into our care about to enter his 7th home!  His new dad heard all about him and knew that Buddy needed him so flew straight up to meet Buddy.  It was love at first sight and Buddy is now enjoying life to the fullest, loving the beach, 4 wheel driving and going to work with Dad every day.  We hope he doesn’t get expelled from work


Zinzani now in a beautiful home and embarrassing Dad as he teaches her how to walk properly and not pull so much on the lead.  We’ve advised Dad to find a country road where he can practice without being seen and laughed at by the neighbours.



Rifle who loves a cuddle or two now rehomed and he loves curling up round the neck of his new owner.





This beautiful natured boy, Diesel,  is living in the country with an older dachshund for his sister.  His Mum and Dad are long time dachshund owners and we wish them well.


Brodie the 11 year old who just wanted some peace and quiet from his family! finally found his new home with a lady who absolutely adores him and having his company in her life.  Brodie is now waking Mum up every morning to take her out for a marathon walk!










Darcey was recently diagnosed with diabetes and sadly his owners couldn’t take care of him.  He came into foster whilst his insulin doses were sorted out and he’s now living with a delightful Mum who is taking great care of him.








Dax was given up for his barking but in his new home they’ve described him as perfect, no digging, no destroying, loving his walks and best friends with the resident dachshund.  The only downside to him is he likes the taste of beer and was found with his tongue down a stubbie of beer which, now they know his taste for it, will no longer be left on dachshund height tables!



Ben has got a new dachshund girlfriend and has also taken a shine to the family’s young daughter and follows her around everywhere.  A few rocky nights while he settled in but now one happy dachshund




Dash and Effy are enjoying life in country WA.  They love to sit on the veranda watching all the birds, cows and kangaroos.  Their heads are spinning with all the wildlife and new smells to discover.  These two are also loving their rides in the ute!




Beano is now living in a family with teenage boys.  His barking is starting to settle down and he is enjoying all the activities of his new family.  He is loved and spoilt by all with the constant attention that he has.



Bacha who was surrendered as he woke the baby up is now the “love child” of his new Mum and Dad who adore him and take him absolutely everywhere.


Thomas went off with another of our rescues and immediately made himself at home with a tendency to help himself to anything he can reach, including cups of tea and coffee.


Journey was found wandering around in a car park, neglected, underweight, very timid and scared.  After being desexed, vaccinated, and having a dental she started to behave like the beautiful dachshund she is and is discovering how joyful life can be with her failed foster mum and other dachshunds for company.

Benny and Ruby

Benny and Ruby, one year old brother and sister now living with an energetic couple which matches their levels.  We’ve told by Grandma that her grandson has not stopped smiling since picking up Benny and Ruby.

Monty went to join Abi

Monty went to join Abi who took a few days to warm up to him.  Monty took it all in his stride and now Abi is smitten with her new partner in crime and the two are inseparable.



14 year old Basil the adventurer is now in his retirement home with another dachshund.  There are still many acres for him to explore and when he’s not being a mischievous boy, he’s relaxing in front of the fire and enjoying every moment of it.


Frankie has gone to live on the beautiful South Coast of NSW and has spent her first week walking around town being drooled over by the banker, the hairdressers and making a name for herself as a new member of the local community.


Saffron was originally living with a female dachshund that used to beat her up quite badly and was then moved around a bit before coming into DRA.  She’s now living with a retired couple and happy being the centre of their world.





The young Mr. Crescent has gone with an older brother to keep him in line and teach him some manners, here’s hoping!


Hansi was a very lucky old man to find his new Mum who is very dedicated to his wellbeing.  At the same time he has transformed his Mum’s life now that she has company at home again.




Vera and her sister went to a family with twin daughters and soon became much loved, although Vera is off to bootcamp to learn a few manners  In the meantime it’s Dad we have some sympathy for since he is now living in a household of 5 females.


Odie is now living in the lap of luxury with another 2 dogs on 10 acres in the country.  She has free range hens who lay eggs for their breakfast in the morning, has taken to sleeping on top of the bed to inside the bed and lots of country to explore and wallabies to wander at!