DRA Calendar


 2017 Dachshund Rescue Calendar (for sale here)

DRA aim to publish a calendar each year. The intention of this is:

1 – Raise funds for rehoming / vet costs

2 – Increase awareness of Dachshund & Dog Rescue and encourage more people to ‘Adopt don’t shop’

3 – To provide educational advice

4 – To give our followers something beautiful to start each day with 🙂

DRA would like to offer our heartfelt thanks to the following sponsors who helped make the 2017 calendar a reality. Please, please support those who support us!

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We would also like to thank everyone who submitted photos. We are sorry we could not use them all but enjoyed seeing all your pics.

Photos for the 2017 calendar were provided by:

Jan: Melissa Jane, Leah Bender, Ron Langman
Feb: Cynthia Gintzburge, Sandy Bramley, Sally Sparrow
Mar: Jeff Lim,  JR247, Alex Harris
Apr: Sophie Smith, Leah Bender, Kylie Snookie Hinton
May: Catherine Winter, DRA, Kellie Gook Keys
Jun: Peter Hollmann Pet Photography, Mark Anderson, Kiah Lucey Photography
Jul:Sally Sparrow, Coby Sargeant,  Anne Barnett
Aug: Babs Hernandez, Coby Sargeant, Izzy Izz
Sep:Sue Corrigan, Jane Burns, Debbie Edwards
Oct: Rita Fox, Amanda Richardson, Ashlee Rose
Nov:Trace Gracewood, Tabitha Daines, Anthony Finnemore
Dec: Kylie Snookie Hinton, JR247, Carol Anne Young

Thanks also to everyone who provided the cover and back cover images and the rehoming stories.

Submit your photo

Should you wish to submit a photo of your dachshund to be considered for possible inclusion in our next calendar and/or our other promotional materials, please email: calendar@dachshundrescueaustralia.com.au