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Finn approx 10/11 years old. Melbourne, Victoria (no flights)

Finn has cataracts and is now blind so he is looking for a quiet home with a retired couple and a gentle dachshund who will help him along.  A picture tells a 1000 words so you can see what we mean by his needing another dachshund.

Understandably Finn can be shy meeting new people but once he knows you he’s a typical dachshund who loves snuggles and tummy rubs.  He’s also quite partial to a warm bubble bath!

Please contact Sharman 0412 619266 sharman@dachshundrescueaustralia.com.au



TJ (smooth) Tess (long) 4 year old siblings – Geelong, Vic – going on a meet and greet

These two are a cuddly pair of dachshunds who love snuggling into you and need to be around a family/couple who are not going to leave them on their own all day.

Of the two TJ is the guts and the kitchen (after the couch) is one of his favourite places, Tess is a much slower eater and more ladylike.  Tess is a little more anxious as well and she doesn’t like lots of change in her life.  The do enjoy their daily walks but can be quite timid when other people or dogs get too close.  TJ is the protector too so if he feels there is a threatening dog he will lunge on his lead although is never aggressive.

They would ideally like to go to a retired couple and grandchildren are fine they are really good around their current ones.

Least favourite thing – having their photos taken!

They are desexed, vaccinated, microchipped.  Adoption fee $650.

Please complete an online adoption form first and contact sharman@dachshundrescueaustralia.com.au



Max – 8 year old – Adelaide – on trial

Max is going to have to be an only dachshund as he’s not good with sharing his toys or his ball with other dogs.  He’s also used to being the centre of your attention.  He would make an ideal dog for a retired couple who are still active and can give him his daily walks and he needs to go an experienced dachshund home who won’t allow Max to run the household.  No young children.

He gets very excited when you come home and has lots of cuddles to give you.  He doesn’t like being woken up from his slumbers though and he also doesn’t like being approached from behind if he can’t see you coming.

Please complete an online adoption form and contact Sharman for his full details sharman@dachshundrescueaustralia.com.au

He is desexed, vaccinated and microchipped $450


Lilu – 6 month old Canberra – on trial

Lilu was handraised as a puppy as her mum passed away and because of that she didn’t receive the normal dog socialisation that is so necessary for a puppy.

She is an extremely affectionate dachshund who loves her parents and happily snuggles into you but unfortunately their circumstances have changed and they are unable to give her the time she needs.

Lilu is perfect in the house and is also crate trained.  However when she meets other dogs she doesn’t know what to do and she also gets stressed out by bikes and skateboards.  Ideally she would love to go to a country property where she can run around without getting so anxious and she would be fine with another young dachshund.

She is desexed, vaccinated and microchipped adoption fee $800.

Please complete an online adoption form and contact sharman@dachshundrescueaustralia.com.au