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Thaddy  -Male – Cross with Pomeranian – NSW (Not for interstate flight travel)


Please meet the gorgeous Thaddeus – AKA Thaddy.  He’s 10 months old and some of his favourite games to play are tug of war and fetch. He’s a smart little boy and has already managed to learn how to sit, shake, rollover and spin.  Thaddy loves his humans and would like to be in a home where there is someone around most of the time. He’s great with cats.  Thaddy needs to go to a home where there is already a more mature dachshund who can be his friend and can help him calm down when left alone. Thaddy  is  playful, energetic and extremely affectionate.  He is very much an indoor dog wants to be involved in all the family activities.  He would suit a home with older children who can keep up with his energy levels. Thaddy is toilet trained (most of the time),  up to date with his vaccinations and de sexed.


Woody – 7 year old mini – Sydney – *GOING ON A MEET AND GREET*

Woody is an active young man and therefore needs his daily exercise to keep him occupied and stop him from barking out of boredom.  Activities that Woody enjoys are playing fetch with a ball or paddling out in the water to retrieve a frisbee.  Walking around streets are not his idea of fun and he would ideally like to go to a country property where he can get all the exercise he needs and where he doesn’t meet lots of different breeds coming up and frightening him, because he will react.

He is very much an indoor dog and wants to be part of the family and after his activities he loves to lie in the sun and chill out, that is if he’s not sitting on your lap and having a cuddle, because he can’t get enough of those.

He has stayed with a family who have had other dachshunds and he’s fine with dachshunds but he could also go as an only dog so long as he’s not left on his own all day.

Woody did have an episode with IVDD two years ago which was operated on and since then has had no issues and is as active as ever. However a house with stairs wouldn’t be suitable. He would not be suitable to a family with toddlers and would prefer a quieter home where visitors are not coming and going all day.

He is desexed, vaccinated and microchipped – please complete an online adoption form and contact Sharman sharman@dachshundrescueaustralia.com.au 0412 619 266


Buddy – Nearly 2 years old Adelaide. *Going on a meet and greet*

Buddy had a previous elderly owner who was unable to socialise and exercise Buddy sufficiently and his current owners were led to believe he would be suitable for a family with young children.  Unfortunately that isn’t the case.

He is living with a female dachshund and they get on extremely well and he will need to go to a home where there is another dachshund or small female dog.  Whilst Buddy adores his family and is very affectionate to all of them (including 2 children aged 9 and 13) he does not cope with their friends coming round and has barked at,  and subsequently nipped a few of the children.  He also takes him time getting to know new people and finds it very stressing in a busy household with lots of visitors.  Whilst Buddy does have a few issues, there is a beautiful dachshund just waiting for someone to bring out the best in him and he is quite obedient when he’s not stressed out with visitors.

Buddy is an energetic dog but he will need training when he’s out walking as he has no lead manners when he meets other dogs.

A quiet home would be most suitable for Buddy and in view of his anxiousness busy city streets are not advised.  DRA will arrange a training session for his new owners so that they can carry out recommendations to help Buddy with his future life.

He is desexed, vaccinated, microchipped .  Adoption fee $550.

Please complete an online adoption first and for further details contact Sharman 0412 619 266 sharman@dachshundrescueaustralia.com.au